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December was a busy month for Support Plus!

-We started with providing set up and take support for Ed Laine’s memorial service.  Ed was the husband of beloved long time member Del Laine, and the father of Brooke Olivares Laine who passed away recently after a long illness.  It was held at Lake Tahoe Golf Course and was a gathering of many of the “old guard” of South Lake Tahoe.  Memories were shared from events through the years and warm friendships renewed.  Ten of our members helped the Laine’s with arrangements for the occasion.

-Davey Paiva’s son passed away this month as well, after years of illness.  Our heart goes out to Davey, as there is nothing like the loss of one’s own child.  God bless you, Davey.

-Annie Davidson had sudden pains about Saturday evening about 10 days before Christmas and had to call 911 to take her to Barton.  She had emergency surgery at 3 a.m. for the repair of a twisted bowel!  My, my!  We never know when such a thing will happen!  We are so fortunate to have our wonderful hospital and surgeons ready to take care of us.  Annie is recuperating well and hopes to be back, coming to meetings, soon.

-Mickey Madden had a total knee replacement done right before the holiday.  Merry Christmas!  However, she is doing quite well and enjoying having her daughter spending time there as a caregiver.

Vicki Gonzalez had a hysterectomy after Christmas.  She is recovering nicely.  Her men (husband and two boys) are taking care of her and the house.  After all, she has taken care of them all of these years.  Now it is their turn!

-Beth Mott’s father died suddenly in a motorcycle accident, hitting a bad skid, in Washington State.  She and her brother have been up there taking care of arrangements and settling his estate.  What a difficult Christmas season for her.  She is now spending a bit of time with her mother before returning to Tahoe.

As you can see here, there have been quite a few difficult incidents for our members.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Mary Lou Whitcomb

Support Plus