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  1. Log in
  2. Under “Event Espresso” — select “Events” (note, Event Espresso is not the same as “Events” higher up in the sidebar).
  3. To add:
    1. Find the event named “Month Day, Year — Lunch Meeting Registration — MASTER —” and open it (this file already has the basic settings done for you).
    2. Click the button “Duplicate Event
    3. You will now see a copy of the original page with the addition “**DUPLICATE**” after the headline.
    4. Change the headline to the event’s date and year and remove the words “—MASTER—**DUPLICATE**” from the headline.
      Here’s an example of correct headline: “May 22, 2017 — Lunch Meeting Registration” where the date indicates the date of the luncheon you are taking registrations for.
    5. Under “Event Tickets & Datetimes” — change the Event Start and Event End to the date in question (in this example it’s 2017-05-22), the preset time is 12 noon to 1pm. Change time if needed.
    6. Under “Available Tickets” — Change the date/time for Sale Starts and Sell Until to reflect when registration is available.
    7. Select the Venue where this event is held. If the Venue isn’t on the list, add it under “Event Espresso —> Venues”.
    8. Click “Publish
    9. Done

Now you need to add this registration to your event. Follow the steps here.