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  1. Go to “Email Subscribers —> Newsletters”
  2. Use the following settings (Select Email Subject “Lunch Meeting Registration”):
  3. After you select which Subscribers group to send to, the “Send Email” button will become available.
  4. When you click “Send Email” you will need to click “OK” on this to send out:
  5. You have to send a total of three times — once to each of these groups; Members A-G, Members H-R and Members S-W. Make sure you get confirmation between each that it was sent before you send the next.
  6. When you’ve sent to all three groups, you can confirm that it was sent by checking “Email Subscribers —> Reports”
  7. Last but not least — we have a bunch of email addresses that are on our “trouble list” which we send to manually since they often complain that they don’t get the mass emails through the site. Below is the current list (copy and paste all addresses below into bcc field into one email [same message as you sent out to everyone else]):,,,,,,,,,,””,,,,,,

  8. When in doubt, contact Liz Beispel