The following is the sign up list from May and recent.  Please update any changes and/or sign up for what you will be bringing to the dinner.  If you are bringing entrees, please keep it light. Please email Louisa Boone with any changes or sign-ups!

Thank you

4 pm — Appetizer, salad & light entrees

Hosted by Brooke Laine, 3425 Warr Rd (map)


  • Laurel Nizich
  • Velma Schnoll
  • Hanna Bernard


  • Janey Roeser
  • Karen Kurtzman
  • Pat Disney
  • Kris Kessling

Entrees: (light entrees)

  • Sonia Quillian
  • Beth Mott
  • Greta Hambsch
  • Roberta Benvenuto
  • Roberta Wilkins
  • Linda Mitchell
  • Vicki Gonzales

6 pm — Desserts

Hosted by Deb Howard, 1315 Wildwood Rd (map)

  • Deb Howard — CA wine
  • Norma Severloh
  • Annie Davidson
  • Linda LaFavor Coyle
  • Kathy Donavan
  • Louisa Boone
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