Quarterly Meeting Fees

Please note – we hope to see you at every meeting! However, payment of meeting fees is required from all regular members whether you are able to attend or not.

Pre-pay Meeting Fees of $100/quarter (you have the option to pre-pay for 1, 2 or 3 quarters or one year).


The fee due October 1 will be $100. as it is for the start of all quarters.
You will have a green card numbered up to 9. Whenever you attend a meeting, that card will be punched. When all 9 numbers have been punched, you must buy a new card.

That means you will no longer receive a reminder to buy a card. The Attendance members will try to remind you when you have only one punch left, but the responsibility is yours to know when you need to pay again.

If you have paid ahead, you do not have to buy a punch card now. Attendance will make you one for the new quarter.

We are hoping this will be a more equitable way of maintaining our club fees.
We may revisit this if we cannot continue to cover our weekly costs.

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