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  1. Go to “Pages —> Add New”
  2. Name your page “Month” “Year” Newsletter in the headline area (Example: “March 2017 Newsletter”)
  3. In the right sidebar, at Page Attributes, Chose the parent page “Member Newsletters”

    That organizes this page as a sub page under Member Newsletters’ page.
  4. Click the purple button “Use The Divi Builder”
  5. In the purple bar, click “Load From Library”
  6. In the purple bar, click “Add From Library” and “Load” the “newsletter frame”
  7. You now have this in your content area:
  8. The top box named “Month Year Newsletter” includes the headline. Open and update the text to your current month and year. Save and Exit.
  9. The middle box is just a divider. Don’t change this.
  10. The bottom box named “Newsletter feed” includes the post feed of your newsletter. Open and select the category of your current newsletter by putting a checkmark by the correct category. In this case it’s March 2017.
  11. Click Save and Exit
  12. Click Publish and your new page is created. It is a sub page under Member Newsletters.

Not done yet! Next step is to add a link to this page on the main Member Newsletters page.

Instructions here »