Do you believe that abortion should be a decision between a woman, her family and her doctor?  Or do you think the government should have the authority to limit women’s choices?

As I’ve said before, if men were the ones who got pregnant there would be free abortion clinics in every city across the land.  Since that is not the case, our predominantly male congressional bodies are trying to infringe on our Constitutional rights and our freedom of choice in this very personal matter.  

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t get one, but in a “free country” who has the right to impose their beliefs on others?

Women fought for freedom of reproductive choice as a constitutional right and won the battle in the 1970’s, but the war on those rights has never ended.  

REVERSING ROE is an informative documentary on the history behind the infamous Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade and the continuing efforts to overturn legal abortion.

Politicians have turned a very personal choice into a political issue in order to rally voter support and create division among citizens.  They made it a pivotal issue by posing it as pro life verses pro choice; by drawing a line in the sand they created the perception that you are either one or the other, but can’t we believe in both and let each women decide their own fate?  No one is anti life so that platform does not make logical sense in a rational world.  It’s about government control of women’s bodies and reducing women’s health care options. 

For several years, Planned Parenthood has been under fire by a political party in cahoots with the religious right and they are undermining women’s accessibility to reproductive healthcare through budgetary cuts.  Together, they have villainized doctors who provide abortions which has prompted violence from their supporters.  They cleverly blur the separation of church and state when it serves their purpose.

The Supreme Court is being stacked with justices who are committed to overturning Roe which will give the decision back to individual state governments.  It’s just a matter of time.  Many states are at the ready to challenge women’s freedom of choice and bring it back to the Supreme Court yet again.  If Roe is overturned, undoubtedly abortion will become illegal in those states.

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?  Use your voice and your vote.  Help spread the word about women’s health issues.  Call and write to your elected PUBLIC SERVANTS to express your opinions and cast your votes for those who will better represent The citizenry.  

Personally, I find our legislative bodies lacking in gender equality.  There are far too many old, white males who cannot possibly make fair decisions for women or our culturally diverse population.  It’s time for change.   VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and tell everyone you know to VOTE in the midterm elections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Vicki R. Gonzales 

Human Rights/Status of Women

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