Thank you to Cheryl Chambers for this transcript of our meeting on 6/20/18!

President-Elect Natasha Schue opened the meeting with a recap of our last planning meeting.  “It’s a great time for us to come together in front of the community for our 60th birthday celebration, and helps set the platform for this year’s wine tasting.”

  • Carolyn MacRae – suggests a fund raising committee to consider all opportunities (we had one in the past, it was called Ways & Means and all members were a member of the committee.  It encompassed all fund raising we did at the time.)
  • Vicki Gonzales – using our voice for humanitarian purposes
  • Cathy Donovan – our wine tasting event is very well received in the community and should continue.
  • Linda Mendizabal – let’s find something else to replace the wine tasting after this year.
  • Cheryl Chambers – we should investigate corporate sponsors.
  • Peggy Blowney – find another fund raiser, perhaps in the summer months, or maybe something during the holiday season.
  • Lee Moisio – we need a fund raiser and the wine tasting is successful.  Let’s keep it.  We definitely need more member participation at the event.  But more importantly, what is our brand?  What do we want to accomplish? Let’s pick our objective of what we want to be.
  • Annie Davidson – wine tasting is established, but losing steam in our club.  What can we do with it? It doesn’t have to be just about the money.  It provides a big party for the community.  Maybe we could get Edgewood/NBC to use their voice at the golf tournament against human trafficking.  Let’s not get too bound by what we’ve always done and do things that bring us together.
  • Carolyn – tired of wine tasting, however we should keep it for now.  It’s a lot of work.  Maybe we could do a couple smaller raffles such as “glamping” and raffle off a refurbished Airstream trailer, with the money going to a specific project.
  • Natasha – look into a fund raiser where we bring Jaycee Lee Dugard to town for a talk to our community.
  • Roberta Benvenuto– we should use the major project money.
  • Cathy DeCamillo- what are our goals for 1, 3 and 5 years?  We are a club that fund raises.  We need a common goal to motivate us.  What do we want the club to look like?
  • Liz Beispel – we’ve lost our passion.  Can we focus the wine tasting on our goals?  Make it stand for the things we stand for, such as women’s rights, promoting schools and the arts, etc.
  • Linda Denton – re-evaluate whether we want the major project or not.
  • Vicki – do we want our own project or do we want to raise money for other non-profits and their projects?
  • Natasha – build momentum towards a cause, such as helping a family who’s escaped from human trafficking.
  • Hanna Bernard  – pick a purpose every year and target our fund raising for that purpose.  Get our dues down lower to attract more members.
  • Louisa Boone – let’s re-estsablish our identity, similar to Wells Fargo ad: established in 1852, re-established in 2018….
  • Ellen Camacho – let’s find something to do with all our golf equipment such as selling refreshments at events, etc.
  • Linda Mitchell – Do we still want to be associated with Soroptimist?  Or just become Lake Tahoe Women’s service club?  What are we?  What is our purpose?  What do we want to be?  We used to do a lot of service, Rim Trail campground…hands on activities.
  • Cindy Archer – let’s connect to something great in our community, possibly the Library.  We could be a support system for something like that.
  • Del Laine – We used to be locally based, not Federation based.  That’s all changed now and SIA wants our money.  Most of our club dues go to Federation, we only retain a small part of it.  Let’s evaluate who we want to be.  The average time we used to keep members was 10-15 years, now new members coming in only stay about 3 years.  Our future is with younger women.  We should be more concerned with who we are rather than how to raise our money.  Our 60th anniversary party is coming up July 29th, lots of former members are coming.  Let’s embrace change.  Involvement is important.  Let’s make the wine tasting the best it’s ever been, then stop it.
  • Liz – we should get a professional consultant to help us pull it all together.  As for the major project, we could consider giving an endowment to the college for women’s education.
  • Linda – doesn’t want to give up the wine tasting until we have something in place that’s successful.
  • Carolyn – we have the expertise in our club, we don’t need to hire a consultant.  Networking should be more important.  Going forward, we need the structure that Soroptimist provides.  We could help women with Masters and Doctorate programs, not just scholarships for high school students and undergrad degrees.
  • Pat Disney – We should start by answering 2 questions:  Do we want to be a Soroptimist Club? Do we want to be a Tahoe women’s group?  Once these questions are answered we can go forward.  Maybe send out a survey to all members.
  • Lee – how do we want to continue spending our money, one big thing or continue with allocations process?  Do we want a number of different focuses?  We should pick an overall theme.
  • Natasha – this is a pivotal time.  A certain amount of service clubs are dependent on our donations to them, do we want that?
  • Cathy – our club has looked for needs in the community and we try to support them.  Major project committee has had a hard time finding a perfect project that meets our criteria.  We’re going to take another look at our criteria.  Let’s not vote on whether we want the major project or not, let’s let the committee do their job.  Let’s not get rid of money we’ve taken 15+ years to save.
  • MaryLou Whitcomb – we need to know what we want to be before we consider cutting off from Soroptimist.  We need to know what other organizations are out there that we could possibly join.  Or do we want to be our own group?
  • Abby Ouimet – All non-profit groups go through this.  She joined soroptimist because we are strong engaged women in our community.  She can help us in our process, as that’s what she does.
  • Annie – thank you to Cathy and her committee for all their work on the Major Project.  Perhaps we can pledge money to the library without a full plan from them in place.
  • Roberta Mason – there’s a fund raising group already in existence, Friends of the Library.  We’d want to be mindful of that if we decide to give money to the library.  Perhaps work in conjunction with them?
  • Cathy – she’d like a more concrete plan from the library before we pledge our money to them.
  • Natasha ended our meeting with suggesting a ½ day retreat.  She also suggested we have a Major Project reports at our board/business meetings to keep the membership informed.  We need transparency.
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