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By: Linda Mendizabal

We’ve all seen the Lime scooters around town, but do you know the “rules”?

1) riders must be 18 and possess a driver’s license;

2) all motorized vehicles are to be ridden on the street, not on bike trails;

3) riders should wear helmets.

So, when have you seen a Lime rider obeying all the rules? Probably never.

It seems to me that the Lime company gets all the benefits with none of the responsibilities. They do not rent a site or employ someone to monitor the users, scooters can be rented where the last rider left them. And, therefore, who monitors the “rules” … hint: our police force when a 12 year old is injured. I read recently about a 12 year old girl riding on the sidewalk near Grocery Outlet, falling partially into the street where a car ran over her leg. I believe she was cited for being under age, no driver’s license, and no helmet. I wonder if the Lime Company even knew about it?

Last week 6 – 13 year olds were riding in the traffic lane across from Denny’s, no helmets, of course, no licenses, and none were 18. One bright young kid decided to get into the next lane and, here’s a surprise, he was hit by a car who was obeying the rules of the road.

I have to wonder where the parents are. These kids have, apparently, an app on their phone with some kind of credit in order to rent these scooters, and I assume the rental agreement has the “rules” but of course no employee to discern that these kids do not meet company criteria. It just seems to me that Anderson Bike Rentals on Hwy. 89, is a much better SLT citizen than Lime.

Sorry, but I sort of hold my breath every time I pass these kids on the road and hope I’m not going to be the unlucky motorist that hits one that pulls in front of me.

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