Member ELLEN PALAZZO is running for City Clerk and SUE NOVASEL is seeking her second term as Supervisor – election is November 6 … NATASHA SCHUE has a sweet kitty that would like a quieter home than hers with a dog and 2 active boys … BROOKE OLIVARES-LAINE has moved on from U.S. Bank but is enjoying a Tahoe Summer before taking on a new employment challenge …  ELLEN GOLDBERG attended a meeting while in town … JULIA GUDAITIS had a 3 week adventure through Russia this summer … CINDY ARCHER, ALETHA NELLIGAN and their spouses had a robust backpacking trip: they forgot their tent on the first night and had to walk out and back the 10 miles to retrieve it! … VIRGINIA and Norm GLENN cruised to Cuba this summer … ANNIE DAVIDSON enjoyed visiting New England … LINDA MITCHELL took part in “Toccata” at St. Theresa’s … 49 year member BETTY MITCHELL has moved to Eskaton in Placerville – we have contact info if you wish to call or visit her … JOYCE BLACKSTONE-TURNER and hubby, Ron, have sold both of their state street homes and moved to Cabo San Lucas: their 2nd home there is now their year ‘round abode – and they make a mean margarita for friends that drop in while passing through … CATHY DONOVAN is COLLEEN MANZER’S new neighbor thanks to the first house CATHY chose falling out of escrow – both are lucky, eh? … MICKEY and Doug MADDEN’s daughter, Kendra & her husband have moved back to Tahoe – yay for adult children! … CHERYL CHAMBERS survived the “big six-oh” …  LINDA MENDIZABAL is enjoying summer before having the ‘other’ knee replaced at the end of Sep. … we are saddened to report that former member LINDY MATEAS has died of cancer – a memorial is being held Sep. 15 near her home in Windsor … former member ANN SWALLOW’s husband, Rich, died of Alzheimer’s – a memorial will be held Sep. 22 at Valhalla at 1:00 pm.

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