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By: Linda Mendizabal

LOUISA BOONE and MICKEY MADDEN gave a report on their trip to Int’l Convention in Malasia – there were 122 clubs represented, sadly not Israel becuz they have not adopted a memo re: human trafficking – they attended a Social Media Workshop (which was NOT a gossip session), an educational workshop on deforestation – the new Federation of Africa is part of England and Ireland – and they reported a side trip to Singapore which is a very walkable country – the 100th anniversary of the Soroptimist organization will be held in 2021 in Bellevue, WA …

HANNA BERNARD will be having heart surgery for Afib on August 19 ….

ELLEN PALAZZO had foot surgery and, as painful and inconvenient as it was, it got her out of that awful job of packing to move – she’s living in Genoa now! …

BROOKE LAINE’s husband had knee replacement surgery a week after DEL LAINE had a Pacemaker installed – DEL is already out and about so she doesn’t have to clean house (just kidding, cleaning house is one of her full employment projects) … LIZ BRICKER is out and about again (welcome back) …

ROBERTA MASON has embarked on a 3 week “visiting the relatives” trip to Canada and environs….

CAROL SESSER’S sister has died.

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By: Linda Mendizabal

Whenever I complain about the volume of fund raising requests I get in the daily mail my daughter, who has worked for numerous non-profit organizations – reminds me how difficult it is to compete for charitable dollars.

OK, I get it. But I long ago concluded that the Alzheimer’s Organization seems to have mistaken me for a patient judging by the volume of mail I get from them – at least twice a month for this entire year. (Of course they got my name because I made a donation in memory of my mother. ) I have tried asking them to delete my name from their mailing list but I am aware that they use a direct mail service that has no interest in removing any possible donor. Out of frustration I noted on a mail-back slip, that had I donated even the suggested maximum amount, ALL of it would have gone to asking me for further donations.

Of course there is also Susan G. Komen. I have donated to “runs” both here and in Milpitas where my nephew participates. I finally made my check out to him and asked him to include it in his personal donation. But their donor list runs back 50 years, I’m certain. So I’m still on it.

I guess the most recent insulting request was a full page letter from Nevada’s Public Television telling me how important my donation was now that their fiscal year was ending. So I noted on the donor slip the date, check number and amount of the donation I made in February. Perhaps it didn’t match any of the suggested donation boxes I could have checked.

So, all my non-profit friends, I don’t need any more name & address stickers – in fact, I don’t need any gifts to make me feel obligated – I cannot donate to every charity, but one letter is enough. I’m more likely to put your request in the pile of bills I’m gonna pay, but numerous requests won’t stretch my dollars any further.

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