PO Box 2179 - Stateline NV 89449 - soroptimistslt@gmail.com

By: Linda Mendizabal

DEL LAINE is recovering from a fall – on the upside she was flown to Renown (thank you AirMed) but with no visitors she was lucky to have a helpful roomie – asked what roomie did for a living, she told Del she was a “cow puncher” – DEL is recovering at the home of, and taking orders from, BROOKE! … MICKEY MADDEN and her knitting pals are meeting in a member’s driveway with their own chair, snack and drink to keep in touch … ROBERTA MASON’s sons are doing her grocery shopping while she pretends to organize 40 years of LTCC materials … JOYCE BLACKSTONE-TURNER reports her house (in Cabo) was burglarized in the middle of the night by a security guard no less! … Anisa MENDIZABAL came to town to visit her parents just in time to not be able to leave; however, she is working from home and, with Greg’s wife, is organizing semi-regular ZOOM gatherings so the far-flung family can keep in touch … Soroptimist Int’l of Tahoe Sierra had a highly successful annual fundraiser despite the challenges of the Coronavirus.

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