May 2019 Newsletter

AirMedCare Membership Renewal

AirMedCare Membership Renewal

Your annual membership fee for SISLT members is $65.  Renew online at or by phone at 877 744-7446.  Be sure to indicate you are a member of Soroptimist International of South Lake Tahoe to receive this discounted rate.

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From PATH — Partners Against Trafficking of Humans

Lisa worked hard in college and hoped she was well on her way to getting a great job that would launch her career. But the call never came.

Lisa knew why. She was young and naive when a man she met forced her to set up a “date” for commercial sex. The date turned out to be a sting operation and Lisa was arrested and convicted of prostitution. Her criminal record meant that most employers wouldn’t give her a chance.

Lisa is not alone. A recent survey by the National Survivors Network found that the vast majority of human trafficking survivors have criminal records as a result of their ordeals. And most of them report that those records have profoundly affected their lives, making it hard to rent a safe apartment, or get a good job. Some parents report not being able to attend their kids’ soccer games because they are technically convicted sex offenders.

Our new report grades states on their laws – and lack thereof – providing a path for trafficking survivors to clear criminal records. The report also provides a detailed set of best practices for states to improve their grades by enacting new laws or amend existing ones. We hope that this report serves as tools for policymakers and advocates to identify how best to draft, amend or implement state law.

Read the Report

The importance of getting a criminal record cleared for trafficking survivors cannot be overstated. Read our new report to truly understand the need for states to have a clear path for trafficking survivors to clear criminal records.

In Solidarity,

Bradley Myles



P.S. Stay tuned for more information on local actions you can take to help get laws in your state enacted. Click here to see what grade your state received. 

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Soroptimist Development Retreat

The Soroptimist Development Retreat, also known as SDR, will be held on July 27 and 28 at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno.  For the first time two regions are collaborating to present the retreat.  Our 2019-2020 Board of Directors (who will be announced on Wednesday) are encouraged to attend.  There will be over 20 workshops to choose from including Demystify the Treasurers Job, How to increase the impact of your club in the community, how to Outsmart the Work-Life Balance, Truth or Dare—Leadership. 

Mark your calendars!

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46th Annual SNR Conference

Five of us (Roberta Benvenuto, Louisa Boone, Pat Disney, Lee Moisio and I) attended the region conference in Reno April 26-28.  It was a wonderful opportunity to bond with each other and with the other 295 Soroptimist members who attended.  We heard from SI President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen about her President’s Project: Women, Water and Leadership; keynote speaker Dr. Ciriaco Pinedo, president/CEO of Children’s Fund in San Bernardino, CA, about its mission of giving vulnerable children support, opportunity, and hope by breaking destructive cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect; and keynote speaker Ruby B. Johnson, a mining engineer and founder/editorial director of STEMher by Ruby B. Johnson Magazine. Ruby has used her education and pageant titles to advocate for the recruitment and retention of women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.  Ruby is also the founder of When You Believe Foundation, an organization committed to the empowerment of girls and women in all walks of life.

Our three delegates all voted as directed by the SISLT Foundation voting “yes” on the six proposed SNR Bylaw amendments.  In addition, we were introduced to the Region Ruby Award winner Sharon Behrens—that was a real tear jerker! We also met six Live Your Dream Region winners.

I encourage members interested in taking on a leadership role in our club to attend Region conferences!  Not only will you have fun, but you will learn how the various levels of Soroptimists work.

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Gift of Literacy 2019

I want to thank all of our members who assisted in any way to make my President’s Project an overwhelming success.  The Gift of Literacy event took place on April 26 when 280 first-graders from all the elementary schools in South Lake Tahoe and Zephyr Cove Elementary School gathered at Lake Tahoe Community College for an introduction to the college including a visit to the Biology Lab where they put together bones to make a human skeleton, a visit to the Library where they did a short writing assignment (What I like most about the Library?) and story time when they were read one or two books.  The highlight of the day was a presentation by children’s book illustrator Rafael Lopez who entertained the kids on the ukulele, singing and drawing.  Kids, teachers and volunteers all seemed to have a great time! Each of the kids received a backpack full of goodies donated to us and a new hardcover book with a label that included their name.  For some of these children, this is the first new hardcover book they have ever had.

In particular, I want to thank the following people:

Rose Marie Ottman for taking the lead on obtaining donations for the backpacks

Roberta Mason for her generous monetary donation to the project

Cindy Archer, Rose Marie Ottman, Peggy Blowney, Chandler Monroe and Pat Disney for their monetary donations to the project

Jenn Lukins, of Lukins Brothers Water Co., for the donation of items for the backpacks

Pat Disney for all her help gathering donations and organizing our “fill the backpacks” meeting

All of our members who helped fill the backpacks, label the books and put them in the backpacks

All of our members who volunteered at the event including Lee Moisio, Roberta Mason and Aletha Nelligan (readers); Donna Sohan and Cindy Archer (guides); Natasha Schue Louisa Boone, Pat Disney, Velma Schnoll, and Carolyn Meiers (set-up and student seating); and Natasha Schue, Rose Marie Ottman, Peggy Blowney, Ellen Palazzo, Mickey Madden and Vicki Gonzales (lunch supervisors).

The event was a huge success and I hope our club will consider continuing to support it in the future.

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A Message From President Pam

April has been another busy month for our club.  The Nominating Committee has been busy putting together the ballot for our 2019-2020 Board of Directors.  You should have received your ballot through email.  Please return your completed ballot by Tuesday to have your vote counted.  The winners will be announced at our meeting next Wednesday.  If you did not see your ballot (from Brooke Laine) in your inbox, check your Spam folder—that’s where mine went.

Several of our members attended the 46th Annual SNR Conference in Reno (see a brief summary of the conference below).

We were also busy stuffing backpacks for the Gift of Literacy project and volunteering at the event (see below).

Our year is coming to an end so the Budget Committee is now busy putting together a budget for 2019-2020.  The proposed budget will be presented to the Board for approval at the May 28 Board meeting and to the Foundation on May 29 for ratification. As always, everyone is invited, and encouraged to attend our Board meeting.

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Program Schedule for May

5/8 — Luncheon – Electronic Smoking Devices: Why should we care? Christy White, El Dorado County Health & Human Services (Natasha Schue) @ Harrahs.

5/15 — Luncheon – Meet Barton’s New Female Executives (Diane Roeser-Kinney) @ Harrahs

5/22 — Luncheon – Scholarship Awards Meeting (Janey Roeser) @ Harrahs

5/28 — Board Meeting @ Lake Tahoe Community College

5/29 — Luncheon – Business Meeting (President Pam) @ Harrahs

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May Birthdays

Happy Birthday May!

  • Patricia Ferraro — 5/3
  • Beth Lee — 5/11
  • Diane Roeser-Kinney — 5/14
  • Nancy Chandler — 5/20
  • Valerie Conners — 5/21
  • Carol Sesser — 5/21
  • Ellen Palazzo — 5/21
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Thought for May by Lucie King

Which dragon will you feed?
Where will you plant your seeds?
Will fear be your talk?
Or will Love & Kindness be your walk?
Will you allow each moment to be its own choice?
Will you allow your presence to give yourself a voice?

Love, Lucie

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By: Linda Mendizabal

  • KRIS KEESLING  broke two vertebrae blowing snow – it’s fixable with medical running over 18-24 months! …
  • ROBERTA and Frank BENVENUTO just celebrated 48 years of wedded bliss …
  • LAUREL NIZICH and hubby are moving to Henderson, NV and we’ll miss her!  However, if she misses Soroptimist, Henderson doesn’t have a Soroptimist club! …
  • PEG BLOWNEY took a road trip to So. Cal which has nothing to do with her other announcement that she will have a new grandson in October …
  • ELLEN PALAZZO is also gonna be a grandma again!  And, her husband is home after 8 years of working out of town – quite an adjustment after making her own hours! …
  • GINGER MITCHELL noted new rules made this a burdensome tax season but when it was over she celebrated her sister’s 80th birthday in Calistoga; and she had cataract surgery and is enjoying seeing the dashboard in her car – but on the downside such clear vision revealed how much she has aged since the last time her vision was so clear!
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The 49th Annual “An Evening of Food and Wine Tasting”

The 49th Annual “An Evening of Food and Wine Tasting” returns to the Harrah’s venue.

Our event is scheduled for Friday, November 1 at Harrah’s. Please start passing the word to friends and business associates to Save The Date. Please try and not schedule trips out of town until November 2 if possible. We really need your help and support for our only large fundraiser this year. We will have a large item raffle, a cork raffle and also an old fashioned silent auction. The silent auction will be smaller than what we used to have in the past but it will return by popular demand from our guests that like the social aspect of it. Also, we will have more highboy tables with chairs to sit at than what we had in the past. The wine committee is pleased to return the event to this larger and quieter venue. We hope this helps you sell lots of tickets this year. 

Colleen Manzer

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Massage Discount

Take care of yourself AND give back to the community at the same time!  For every hour massage you receive from Julie Gudaitis at Tahoe Custom Massage and Structural Integration, Julie will donate $10 back to SISLT in your honor. Schedule online at or call 812-272-3351.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s or Harveys numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps the venue plan the amount of food needed. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.
  • Register by going to our calendar and select the upcoming lunch meeting. If registration is closed, please email or contact Linda Mitchell directly.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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