August 2019 Newsletter

Message from the President

With August sailing in and kids going back to school, I feel like summer is finally starting for us locals.  Thank you to everyone who helped during the month of July, which I found myself traveling for most of the month! It truly shows that with TEAM work we can make the DREAM work! 

VP Annie, Board Member Janey and I were lucky enough to attend the Soroptimist Development Retreat in Reno the last weekend of July. This was such a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow Soroptimists and hear stories that reflect many of the same growing pains we have faced. It is amazing to me that our club remains one of the larger clubs out there. I am just so proud of us! I have some great ideas for fundraising that I cannot wait to share with everyone.  I know that Annie attended a very interesting social media course, and Janey has unlocked the secret to balancing work and life! All things we plan to share with the group in the coming weeks. 

I would like to encourage everyone to attend the wine tasting program.  I know that everyone realizes that this is currently our only major fundraiser and we are in the 49th year of this event but there is a lot we can do to improve. The success of this event has a major impact on our club’s ability to give back to our community! It is on ALL of us to support the wine tasting committee in anyway possible to get this party rocking and exceed our revenue from every other year! Together we can do this!!!

Upcoming Programs:

August 14, 2019



Wine Tasting Committee- How Our Members Can Help

August 21, 2019



Kae Reed-Her book release

August 28, 2019



El Dorado County HHSA- Emergency Prepardness- Kristine Oase Guth

September 4, 2019

Labor Day


September 9, 2019




September 11, 2019



September 18, 2019

DR Graham Kent- Earthquake and Wildfire ALERT

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August Birthdays

Happy Birthday August!

Liz Bricker — August 1

Peggy Blowney — August 3

Joyce Turner — August 16

Jan Gurnee — August 20

Cheryl Chambers — August 30

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Wine Committee kicks off the 49th Annual “An Evening of Food, Beer and Wine Tasting”

If you miss the informative wine committee program on August 14 you miss a great program to help you sell your tickets and help make this a successful fundraiser for our club. Here are some exciting new changes this year to our event:

1. We are back at Harrah’s Convention Floor again.

2. Our event is November 1, 2019 from 6-9 pm

3. Our theme this year is “A Black and White Affair”

4. Tickets were issued at the August 14 program. If you couldn’t attend this program then look for them in the mail. Cathy Donovan is handling tickets this year so if you didn’t receive your tickets let her know.  Early bird ticket prices are $65 and ends September 25 with all monies turned into Cathy Donovan at that meeting. Afterwards the ticket prices are $75 per person.

5. We ask you to sell your 5 tickets. We ask you not to ask another member to sell your tickets so they can sell more tickets. If you missed the program, we have lots of ideas to help you sell your tickets. Ask wine committee members Deb Howard or Linda La Favor Coyle for pointers . Any of us can help you by giving you great ideas. 

6. We ask you to sell or purchase your raffle tickets. We have great prizes that you might win too! Remember this is our fundraiser. Please contribute as much as you can towards this for our future allocations and scholarships.

7. Let people know we have silent auction again this year. It will not be as large as the silent auction we had in the past so it will be more manageable for our club but a lot of our guests have missed it. This may help you sell a ticket or two. 

8. Our Cork Raffle is back. One cork costs $40 and the prizes range from $40-$300 on the cork raffle table. This year we will be displaying the cork raffle prizes instead of hiding them in a back room.  This may help you sell a ticket or two too. 

9. We are asking all members to donate or find donations for our cork raffle and/or silent auction.  We are asking for a minimum of 3 donations from each member (or find donations in the community). There has been a sign up sheet for various businesses that you can sign up for so only one member is contacting a business instead of many of us going after the same business. If you haven’t been at a meeting call or email Colleen ( to let us know what you would like to obtain for our cork raffle/silent auction. If it isn’t on our pass around list feel free to add items.

10. Ginger will be handling jobs this year so please be available for as many  jobs at our event as you can handle. This is a team group effort for our whole club. The success of our event depends on everybody contributing. 

11. Julie Gudaitis is in charge of large item raffle prizes and is looking for vacation packages and other large items. If you know of anything please let her know.

12. Lee Moisio is in charge of our travel packages that we make a profit on from a third party vendor. We are blessed to have a private corporate sponsor that allows us to net the entire value of the bid price if we can get the minimum bid for these packages. See the attached packages…please help us sell these! Be familiar with these packages. Package one – Bahio Cabo Luxury Boutique Hotel on the Sea of Cortez, Package 2 –  Choose your Fairmont Worldwide, Package 3 – Bali Villa Candi Matahari

13. If you hear of a restaurant that has not served at our event that would like to serve please let Michelle Ludiker know as she is our restaurant liaison.

14. If you know of a winery that would like to pour please let Liz Palmer know as she is our winery liaison.

15. If you know of a corporate sponsor please let Adele Lucas or Louisa Tiong-Boone know:



  • ** 10 Tickets to the event
  • **Marketing Recognition in all promotions and press releases and social media.
  • **Display of Sponsor’s Banner at the event
  • **Recognition on Donor Wall at event



  • ** 6 tickets to the event
  • **Recognition on Donor Wall at event



  • ** 4 tickets to the event
  • **Recognition on Donor Wall at event



  • ** 2 tickets to the event
  • ** Recognition on Donor Wall at event

 Contact Adele Lucas at (530) 545-0888

There is a lot of excitement from our vendors and others in the community that our event is back at Harrah’s. Do not let the negativity of the paid parking be a deterrent in your ticket sales. All other events in town are dealing with the same parking issues and they are doing just fine. There are parking areas at Hard Rock and Montbleu if somebody wants to walk or they can pay for valet like they may have done in the past or they can get their parking validated by spending some money at Harrah’s after our event or better yet carpool with Uber/Lyft. If you make this an issue then it will be an issue. Don’t make it an issue. 

This is our event…..let’s make it fun, exciting and successful. Please put your positive energy into our 49th Annual. 

Thank you,
Colleen Manzer
2019 Chairperson Wine Committee

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Thought for August

Beyond the trees to the forest
Lies the holiest of chorus
Singing of great blessings available to all
Who cooperate gladly when given the call.


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By: Linda Mendizabal

LOUISA BOONE and MICKEY MADDEN gave a report on their trip to Int’l Convention in Malasia – there were 122 clubs represented, sadly not Israel becuz they have not adopted a memo re: human trafficking – they attended a Social Media Workshop (which was NOT a gossip session), an educational workshop on deforestation – the new Federation of Africa is part of England and Ireland – and they reported a side trip to Singapore which is a very walkable country – the 100th anniversary of the Soroptimist organization will be held in 2021 in Bellevue, WA …

HANNA BERNARD will be having heart surgery for Afib on August 19 ….

ELLEN PALAZZO had foot surgery and, as painful and inconvenient as it was, it got her out of that awful job of packing to move – she’s living in Genoa now! …

BROOKE LAINE’s husband had knee replacement surgery a week after DEL LAINE had a Pacemaker installed – DEL is already out and about so she doesn’t have to clean house (just kidding, cleaning house is one of her full employment projects) … LIZ BRICKER is out and about again (welcome back) …

ROBERTA MASON has embarked on a 3 week “visiting the relatives” trip to Canada and environs….

CAROL SESSER’S sister has died.

* * * * * *


By: Linda Mendizabal

Whenever I complain about the volume of fund raising requests I get in the daily mail my daughter, who has worked for numerous non-profit organizations – reminds me how difficult it is to compete for charitable dollars.

OK, I get it. But I long ago concluded that the Alzheimer’s Organization seems to have mistaken me for a patient judging by the volume of mail I get from them – at least twice a month for this entire year. (Of course they got my name because I made a donation in memory of my mother. ) I have tried asking them to delete my name from their mailing list but I am aware that they use a direct mail service that has no interest in removing any possible donor. Out of frustration I noted on a mail-back slip, that had I donated even the suggested maximum amount, ALL of it would have gone to asking me for further donations.

Of course there is also Susan G. Komen. I have donated to “runs” both here and in Milpitas where my nephew participates. I finally made my check out to him and asked him to include it in his personal donation. But their donor list runs back 50 years, I’m certain. So I’m still on it.

I guess the most recent insulting request was a full page letter from Nevada’s Public Television telling me how important my donation was now that their fiscal year was ending. So I noted on the donor slip the date, check number and amount of the donation I made in February. Perhaps it didn’t match any of the suggested donation boxes I could have checked.

So, all my non-profit friends, I don’t need any more name & address stickers – in fact, I don’t need any gifts to make me feel obligated – I cannot donate to every charity, but one letter is enough. I’m more likely to put your request in the pile of bills I’m gonna pay, but numerous requests won’t stretch my dollars any further.

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Massage Discount

Take care of yourself AND give back to the community at the same time!  For every hour massage you receive from Julie Gudaitis at Tahoe Custom Massage and Structural Integration, Julie will donate $10 back to SISLT in your honor. Schedule online at or call 812-272-3351.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s or Harveys numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps the venue plan the amount of food needed. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.
  • Register by going to our calendar and select the upcoming lunch meeting. If registration is closed, please email or contact Linda Mitchell directly.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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