April 2019 Newsletter

Support Plus April Report

Our month starts out with several members having issues.  I’m sure they would love to hear from you!  Just go to our site; sislt.org to find their address and/or phone number!

Cindy Archer was admitted to Barton Hospital for two days with an unexpected health issue.  She is now resting at home and recovering nicely.

Rosemary Ottman got the BAD FLU infecting her terribly!  She was back at our meeting and is working again albeit, with low energy…

Kris Keesling’s mother passed away in March and Kris is recovering from many trips back and forth to Southern California to be with her during her last days!

Pat Gottschalk had surgery for macular degeneration at U.C. Davis Medical Center.  She will have a second surgery on April 16.  She is staying in Davis and can be reached by phone.

Betty Mitchell’s celebration of life will be on June 5 (would have been her 97th birthday).  It will be held at Valhalla from 3 – 5

Mickey Madden announced that the memorial for her recently deceased husband, Doug, will be held in June.  The date and time will be posted next month.

Taking the time to send or card or make a phone call is so appreciated by those suffering in distress.  It takes so little time and can mean so much!

Mary Lou Whitcomb
Support Plus Committee

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President Elect’s Message

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support these past two weeks! It has been a great start to the adventures we will be embarking on, should you elect me your President (haha).  I am especially thankful for your patience as I navigated through my first board and business meeting.

As we gear up for this summer, I would like to encourage everyone to participate in any of the club activities we have going on. The socials are a great way to get to know your fellow Sorop-a-sisters. The Gift of Literacy Program and Rock Tahoe Marathon fundraiser will get us out in our community!

We are still actively searching for a Club Treasurer for next year. The ideal candidate is good with numbers and wants to get involved at the board level. Bonus if you have QuickBooks experience but it isn’t necessary, we will train you! The previous overwhelming workload associated with this position has been greatly dispersed amongst the Financial Services Committee. For more information about this position get a hold of Brooke.

Have a super April everyone!

Jennifer Lukins
President Elect

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Liz & Adam Palmers baby River

Click on a photo to see it larger.

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April Birthdays

Happy Birthday April!

Roberta Benvenuto


Julie Gudaitis


Chandler Monroe


Rita Redd


Virginia Matus Glenn


Jennifer Lukins


Lucie A. King


Colleen Manzer


Kristina (Kris) Walters


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Program Schedule for April

April 10                   Featured Member/Social:  Brooke Laine, Harrah’s

April 17                   Gift of Literacy Project: Backpack Filling, Harrah’s

April 24                   Warm Room Presentation, Cheyanne Lane, Harrah’s

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Virginia Glenn’s visitors in Goodyear

Mickey had been visiting us in Goodyear and Brenda and Roni were in the area with their motor home and visited Kris Walters over in Fountain Valley.  Since Goodyear and Fountain Valley are at the extreme opposite ends of the valley, we decided to meet in Tempe – sort of in the middle.  We had a great time catching up and laughing.  It’s wonderful when friends get together.  


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By: Linda Mendizabal

  • Yippee! JENN LUKINS has been elected President-elect, her term runs until June and then July 1-June 30, 2020, she will serve as President …
  • LIZ and Adam PALMER are the proud parents of baby River Lou Palmer – we can’t wait to meet her …
  • ELLEN CAMACHO and her partner raised $12,000 for T.A.P’s “Dancing with the Stars” fundraising event …
  • CHERYL CHAMBERS’ husband, Al, won an award for a green model house that he built as the best historic house for 2019 …
  • LINDA LAFAVOR escaped from the snow by trekking to Southern California – and all that nice weather left her with an eye, ear and chest infection! …
  • JAN and Tom Gurnee finished their “bucket list” in South America at Lake Titicaca, but prefer Tahoe …
  • ROBERTA BENVENUTO said the meeting of March 27 was her last lunch in the ‘60s – as in her 60’s – happy birthday and welcome to the 70’s – she’s celebrating at the Red Sox/Oakland game …
  • COLLEEN MANZER announced she is chairing the wine tasting for 2019- Yay! …
  • CINDY ARCHER spent two nights hospitalized for an emergency …
  • PAT GOTTSCHALK has been at UC Davis for surgery for macular degeneration – one eye at a time and the first surgery went well and Pat was comfortable and doing well …
  • BETTY MITCHELL’S memorial will be on June 5, 3:00-5:00 – bring your favorite stories to tell of Betty …
  • The memorial for DOUG MADDEN will be June 23, time TBA, at Lakeland Village.
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Thought for the Month April

As I walk down the street
Sending love to those I meet
A world opens up to me
Filled with peace and harmony

Love Lucie

Lucie is speaking at Unity at the Lake this April 14th Palm Sunday.

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Massage Discount

Take care of yourself AND give back to the community at the same time!  For every hour massage you receive from Julie Gudaitis at Tahoe Custom Massage and Structural Integration, Julie will donate $10 back to SISLT in your honor. Schedule online at TahoeCustomMassage.com or call 812-272-3351.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s or Harveys numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps the venue plan the amount of food needed. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.
  • Register by going to our calendar and select the upcoming lunch meeting. If registration is closed, please email or contact Linda Mitchell directly.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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