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Captain’s log- Month 2:

Hahaha, just kidding. I hope that everyone is staying safe at home! Please stay home. I know that we are all getting a little restless right now, but flatting the curve is necessary to save lives. It is anticipated that the next 3 weeks or so, we will see a huge spike. This is because of the increased testing and test results, as well as the virus spread. So this is the most important time to stay home and stay safe and healthy. While we are social distancing from each other, you can still talk to your friends! Hanna has included a link to the roster and instructions on how to access it.  If you are bored or lonely, call a friend, send a letter or email.

Is anyone making masks?? The CDC recently announced to help reduce the spread, wearing a mask IS helpful when you go outdoors.  It would be great to support each other by supplying these to each other. Please reach out to Hanna to coordinate this if you are making them and willing to share with club members.

Miss you all!