This is your new SISLT website!

Please remember, this website is a work in progress and new information and features will be added as we go and when needed. We will send out information as soon as something new and exciting has been added! If you see something that’s not right or doesn’t seem to work, please email Hanna Bernard asap and she’ll get it fixed.

Our website has two main purposes:

Public Section

To inform the general public about SISLT — who we are, what we do and how to join.

Member Information Center

To serve as YOUR “one-stop-shop” for a majority of our internal club related information.

Public Section — Yes, this section is for us members too!

  • ABOUT: Here you find information about SISLT and its purpose so that we can inform our community what we do. Look at the sub-tabs for all info here.
  • CALENDAR: Our calendar lists annual events as well as upcoming lunch-meetings.
  • ANNUAL EVENTS: We also have general descriptions of our annual events — currently the Wine Tasting and the Golf Tournament.
  • COMMITTEES: Every committee has their own page which gives a brief description of what the committee does and also lists its members. Great place to send new members so they can pick which committee(s) to serve on!
  • MEMBER INFORMATION CENTER — more about this below.
  • PROGRAMS & FUNDRAISING: Currently not much here other than information about our Community Service Grants. Send grant applicants to this page.
  • CONTACT US: Our contact information.

Member Information Center

The following pages are PASSWORD PROTECTED and only for us members!

  • MEMBER ROSTER — MEMBERS ONLY: Yep, here’s where we stop non-members because only SISLT members using our password can view the complete, detailed member roster. Click on any member’s name in the list and get their full member info. We don’t want to share detailed information so don’t share your password, please!
  • PRINTER FRIENDLY ROSTERS: Various rosters in printer-friendly format if you need to print one out. Select which one you want to open, log in with your password and print.

The password is sislt. Very clever, right?!

Oh, and once you’ve logged in to any of the password protected pages from your computer, your computer is likely to remember that you already logged in and you won’t need to log in again. If you’re on a public computer, please click the “logout” button when you’re done so the next person can’t see the page.

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