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  1. Log in
  2. Under “Email Subscribers” — select “Newsletters
  3. Do the following selections:
    1. Select Mail Subject — select the email message you want to send out. If you haven’t composed an email message for your current topic, read instructions here.
    2. Select Mail Type — “Send mail immediately”
    3. Select Subscribers group to Send Mail — see Note below.

Note: Due to spam settings our eblast recipients are separated into THREE groups: “Members A-G”, “Members H-R” and “Members S-W” to avoid it being treated as spam.

After you select the subscribers’ group, click “Send Email” — repeat for each of the three Members’ groups mentioned above.

TIPS! Use TEST Group to send out a test email first — make sure you’re in the TEST Group so you receive your test.

You can track who opens their emails under “Email Subscribers —> Reports” — note, there will be three reports, one for each Members’ group you sent out to.