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PO Box 6104 - Stateline NV 89449 -
  1. Log in (request login credentials)
  2. Under “Event Espresso” select “Registrations” (Event Espresso is all the way down in the left sidebar).
  3. This is the complete list of registrations for all ticket purchases PLUS lunch events, including past events.
  4. In order to limit the list to only see Ticket purchases, use the “Search Registrations” feature and enter “Tickets” as your search term.

    This generates a list of all the ticket purchases. NOTE! The bottom 5 are from when we tested the ticket sale. They aren’t possible to remove until the event has passed. Don’t count those as ticket sales as they were for testing. The first actual ticket purchased is the one dated 8/29/17. All real purchases will have later dates than this.
  5. To download a CSV file with all ticket purchases (opens in Excel), scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the button “Filtered CSV Report“.  This generates and downloads a report of the registrations you filtered via your search under 4 above. You can open that dowloaded CSV file in Excel.
  6. This is what the final downloaded report looks like: