Gone are the days when the roster got emailed out to you and you had to update your information directly in the Excel spreadsheet, then the membership had to consolidate all your edits into one master roster which became outdated the as soon as someone changed their email address or moved… Instead, the roster is now on the website and the edits you do are reflected immediately.

…and, you can add a photo to your member profile now!

1. Check if your member profile information is correct!

Go to the PRIVATE ROSTER (log in with “sislt”), click your last name. Is the information listed on your “Member Detail” page correct?

2. If you want to update or edit your member profile

  • Go to the “Sign Up” page (“Membership Application” under “Become a Member” tab). At the bottom of that form, find the “Forgot your private link?


  • Click that link


  • In the next screen, enter your email address

NOTE! The email address you enter MUST be the same email you used in your current member profile (which you can find if you do 1. above — Check your profile). If you use a different email to request your Private Link you will create a new member record and we get duplicates so please don’t do that.

NOTE! If you want to change your email in your profile, just follow the steps above, use your “old” email to get access to your profile (provided that you still get emails to that account, if not, please ask Membership to update your email address first) and then change your email address in the profile.

  • An email will be sent to you with a direct link to your existing member profile information. Look in your spam folder if the email doesn’t show up within a few minutes.


  • Click the link in the email and edit away (log in with “sislt” if you get prompted)
  • Don’t forget to Save your edits when done editing.


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