Easy! Just go to our Payment Center and select what you want to pay for! Payment Center is currently located under the “Member Information Center” tab.

We are still testing this feature — but rest assured, whatever you pay for through the website is well documented and the money goes to SISLT’s PayPal account.

The description below is just in case you get lost somewhere in the process. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to follow during the actual purchase.

You can pay for Quarterly Meeting Fees, Membership Dues and Guest Lunch/pro-rated lunch fee for new members

  1. On the Payment Center page, click the icon for what you intend to pay for.
    1. For Quarterly Meeting Fees, click the icon for the duration you want to pay for; 1, 2, 3 or 4 quarters. Or, for Life Members, click the Meeting Punch Card icon.
    2. For Membership Dues, click the icon that represents what you want to pay for.
    3. For Guest Lunch/pro-rated lunch fee — This is mainly used for new members who join in the middle of a quarter and have not pre-paid their meeting fee. However, if you bring a guest and want to pay for Guest Lunch via the website, it is important you let attendance know that you are bringing a guest so they make sure there’s food and room. Just paying here does not guarantee a spot! This is NOT where regular members pay for their meeting fees and lunches.
  2. Once you’ve made your selection, select how many (default is “1”) you want to put in your cart.
  3. Click “Add to cart”

Now you can either continue shopping or click “View Cart” to see what you are purchasing (and make edits if you need to).

When you’re happy with what’s in your Shopping Cart, click “Proceed to Checkout”

  1. Fill out your billing info (some sections are required)
  2. Select if you want to pay via check (that you mail in to SISLT) OR via PayPal or credit card
  3. Click “Place order” or “Proceed to PayPal” depending on which payment option you have chosen

You will receive a confirmation via email. SISLT will also receive a confirmation of your purchase.

If you require an invoice for the purchase, please let Attendance know so they can issue one. We will add this to the website soon as well.

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