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  1. Log in
  2. Under “Event Espresso” select “Events
  3. Find the Event Registration that pertains to the Calendar Event you want registrations for (to set up Calendar Event, instructions here — to set up Event Registration, instructions here)
  4. Open Event Registration and click “Shortcode” button.
  5. Copy the code that’s generated. Looks something like this:

    You will need to insert (paste) this code into your event’s content area:

Now it’s time to add the registration to your Calendar Event.

  1. Go to “Events —> All Events
  2. Click “Edit” on the Calendar Event you want to add registration to.
  3. Scroll down to the content area (this is where you would add the event description if you had one).
  4. Paste the shortcode you copied from the Expresso Event
  5. Just above that code, paste this information (instructions how to register):

    Don’t forget to set “QTY” below:
    – Select “1” if just yourself, add # of guests you are bringing then add guest(s) names in next step.
    – After setting Qty, click “Register Now” to complete registration (you can use your own email if you don’t have your guest’s email)
    – If applicable, check Vegetarian for yourself and guests in next step.

  6. You should now have the text above and the shortcode below it.
  7. Click “Update
  8. Preview your event by clicking “View event” at the top of the page. Make sure the registration is at the bottom of the page. The “Goes on Sale” date will change to a selector of quantity when the event registration is open. You set this in the Event Registration settings. If you need to change, just go back to “Espresso Events” and update. No need to change anything else — it’s linked and will update automatically when you change anything.