This weeks lunch meeting is at Harrah’s

Hi all, due to updates being done on the website it seems some lunch registration confirmations went out that didn’t pertain to this week’s lunch meeting.

This week’s meeting is at Harrah’s and we will get a presentation by the Wine Tasting Committee: How Our Members Can Help 

Aug 14 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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Ballots sent out for new SISLT Board

Ballots have been sent electronically to your email.  If you haven’t seen it, check your spam folder.  If you are experiencing problems, contact President Pam.  Voting deadline is 5pm on Tuesday May 7!

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Thought for the Month of May

Where the Spirits soar
All the quest to be more
Get reduced to what is real
No longer shall this be concealed.

Love, Lucie

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March Birthdays

Happy Birthday March!

Annie Davidson — March 3

Cindy Archer — March 4

Linda Mitchell — March 10

Karen Kurtzman — March 16

Del Laine — March 20

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Lunch Meeting Reminder & Holiday luncheon info

It’s time to register for next Wednesday’s Soroptimist luncheon meeting!

The topic for next week’s lunch will be Tourism Around the World, presented by Ph.D. Candidate Julie Regan. Discussion will center on lessons learned from other tourist sites to help Tahoe manage growing visitation.

In order to simplify and automate the registration process, the link below goes to the SISLT Calendar. In the Calendar, please click on the next upcoming lunch and register.

You can only register for the next upcoming luncheon and only during registration time — noon Thursday thru noon Monday immediately preceding the meeting.

Please click here for calendar page.

If registration is closed and you still want to register, please contact Linda Mitchell directly via email (do not respond to this email, it doesn’t go to Linda M.).

Mark your calendar for the festivities December 19th 2018.

That’s right, it’s that time of the year when Soroptimists start planning for the upcoming Holiday Auction at Harvey’s , “Top of the Wheel” aka “Tallac Rm.,” Lake Tahoe. Please plan to attend and invite your friends, family and associates and enjoy a great luncheon.

As always we expect this year-end fundraising event to be a spectacular, fun-filled, face paced auction with loads of fabulous and coveted homemade and handcrafted items for your purchasing pleasure. What a great opportunity to fill those last minute gift giving needs and hard to buy for someone’s.

December 19th plan to arrive early (11:30), sign in your item(s), pick your table and you’ll have a chance to view the array of delectable and priceless somethings to be auctioned off. The Holiday Auction will kick off at noon and run until 1:30pm so set your clocks, watches and calendar, as time is ticking. Please join us in making this another spectacular Soroptimist Fundraiser.

Looking forward to sharing in the good times. In the mean time we’ll be organizing and circulating sign up sheets for all the fun participatory elf assignments including your personal auction items which puts the “Holiday in our clubs “Holiday Auction”.. guaranteed to be a holly jolly good time!!See y’all there.

Holiday Auction Crew

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Please Check the Roster

Please check your Roster info that’s found on the website. I’m not updating committees at this time so don’t worry about the committee section.  Email me with any changes or errors to
Anytime  you have a change please let me know so we can keep the Roster updated.
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The District 5 winter meeting will be held on Saturday, February 10, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, in Fallon. Our club will cover your $25 registration fee.

This is an opportunity to meet with other club member in our district when we will share ideas, learn about leadership in Soroptimist and get to know our fellow Soroptimists.

Please email me ( if you would like to attend.  I must submit our club registration form on February 2.

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From The President by Roberta Benvenuto

What a start to the new year, wow! There may not be any beaches left this summer, but, there will be gorgeous waterfalls!
Now is the time for our nominating committee to get their wheels turning, under the well experienced leadership of Del Laine(thank you very much).
I have no doubt that between Del, Hanna and Mary Lou(thank you very much), that the 2017-2018 board will be awesome!
We have some great programs coming up this spring.
For you newer members, please try not to miss our scholarship luncheon. It’s what we work so hard for all year.
Here’s to longer days, more sunshine, and fewer snowstorms.
President Roberta

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NEWSMONGER By Linda Mendizabal

WENDY SHEHADI happily reports that she is still able to hold off on dialysis; she and Dick also are enjoying many sporting events as spectators; she’s taking up her knitting and following current events; hoping to be back here this summer again… the Humane Society is celebrating their 50th year here … JAN GURNEE spent 30 days cruising Hawaii following a challenge getting out of town in the traffic and weather … CAROL STILES has returned from winter in Mississippi and reports that she participated in the Womens’ March in Jackson, MI in her walker! … BETH MOTT’s elderly neighbor broke her hip and BETH brought her home from the hospital and is overseeing her recovery … LINDA and Mitch MITCHELL’s snow getaway was also a challenge – Hwys. 50 & 88 were closed but wonder of all wonders, Emerald Bay was open, then Hwy. 80 was only 1 lane each way until traffic was diverted to Hwy. 20 through Grass Valley and Auburn – upshot was it took 7 ½ hours to get to Healdsburg … CINDY ARCHER’S lovely meadow view turned into a lake view and her handy 800 sq. ft. cellar required a sump pump … ROBERTA MASON trekked with family to L.A. to attend granddaughter Courtney’s piano recital, a graduation requirement at The Master’s University (she also plays guitar, electric guitar, bass and sings in her school’s 60 member choral group); she graduates May 5 and the next day the chorale group leaves for Israel and Italy – whew!; her older g’daughter, Alicia, is Reading Specialist at Tahoe Valley School … ROBERTA BENVENUTO and MICHELLE LUDIKER are escaping the snow for a vacation in Florida … We extend our condolences to MARY LOU and Ken WHITCOMB on the passing of their oldest daughter.

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Harriet Tubman, A Champion of Freedom

Born into slavery around 1822 in Bucktown, near Cambridge, MD. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Tubman was one of nine children of Harriet Green and Benjamin Ross.

She escaped the bonds of slavery in the summer of 1849, traveling by night through Maryland and Delaware to Philadelphia and from there to New York and over into Canada. “I had reasoned this out in my mind”, she said, “there was one of two things I had a right to – liberty or death. If I could not have one, I could have the other, for no man should take mealive. I shall fight for my liberty and when the time comes for me to go, the Lord will let “them kill me.”

Tubman then began what she knew must be done. She made numerous trips South, rescuing a large number of enslaved people from the “Jaws of Hell.” Most of her traveling was done in the cheerless solitude of night, with no protection other than her cunning, no guide and no hope of reward save the consciousness that she was “about her Father’s business”. Such a terror did she become to the slaveholders of Maryland that many rewards were offered for her head. She was rightly called “The Moses of her people” – she was bold, daring and elusive. All of her trips were carefully planned and brilliantly executed through the use of the “Underground Railroad”, a flexible but effective method of spiriting freedom seekers out of the South by an ever-shifting series of hiding places. The secrets of the “Underground Railroad” were so well kept that, even today, not too much is known about it.

Tubman’s motto was “Keep Going” – “children, if you are tired, Keep Going; if you are scared, Keep Going; if you are hungry, Keep Going.” On one trip out of the South she brought her own family. Her mother was unwilling to leave behind her feather bed tick and her father his broad axe and other tools so she bundled them all up and landed them in Canada.

During the Civil War, Tubman rendered invaluable service to the Union Army as spy, scout, cook, and hospital nurse. She was at the memorable battle of Fort Wagner and it was she who prepared the last breakfast eaten by Col. R.G. Shaw.

After the war Tubman settled in Auburn, New York, where she lived in a home obtained through her lifelong friend, William H. Seward. On March 10, 1913, in the fiftieth year of emancipation, Harriet Tubman died. She was buried with military rites in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY. The next year, this city declared an unprecedented one-day memorial to this courageous, champion of freedom. Booker T. Washington was the keynote speaker and Auburn citizens unveiled the Harriet Tubman Plaque which still stands at the entrance to the Cayuga County Court House in Auburn, NY.

(Short biography taken from pamphlet handed out to visitors to the Tubman home and memorial)

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Happy Birthday


03/3     Annie Davidson

03/5     Le Ann Stigers-Genasci

03/5     Susan Hedley

03/8    Peggy Blowney

03/8     Winnie Vincent

3/10     Linda Mitchell

3/13     Wendy Shehadi

3/15    Jennifer Kossman

3/16     Karen Kurtzman

3/20     Del Laine

3/22     Greta Hambsch

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Women’s Health/Human Rights/Status of Women by Vicki Gonzales

You are hereby invited to join Women’s Health/Human Rights/Status of Women, as SISLT reactivates these committees.

Come to a very brief meeting on March 8th immediately following our program meeting to determine a good meeting time and place for a brainstorming session.

Vicki Raucci Gonzales

Women’s Health and Human Rights/Status of Women, Chair
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Human Rights by Vicki Gonzales

I LOVE WORDS. Today’s word is ACTIVISM…
Webster’s definition…
the doctrine or policy of taking positive, direct action to achieve an end, especially a political or social end

My Commentary…Activists are the PEOPLE’S lobbyist in the governmental structure. They are the voice of the people who join together with common values to advocate for the issues with which they are passionate. Often, their issues are our issues whether or not it is perceived as such.

Citizen activism is a crucial ingredient of a healthy Democracy.

Today’s activist effort is valiant and long overdue.

Special interest groups with big money pay people who advocate for them and they have successfully captivated the USA’s political system. Their interests are usually not in the people’s best interest in one way or another. Whether the issues are environmental, health and safety, freedom, human rights, etc., we are all effected by the decisions made by politicians. Citizen involvement (activism) is warranted and necessary.

In order to speak intelligently on the issues one must first fully grasp and have a broad understanding of the complexities involved. Problems arise when narrow-minded perspectives are given power to reign.

Activism is the people’s mechanism to balance power and authority. Overwhelming citizen participation has the ability to create better conditions for the populous. We just need a common agenda.

Short version of a proposed agenda for the people…

1. Protect sustainability for life on Earth

2. Non profit universal health care system

3. Transition to renewable energy sources

4. Quality, affordable education K -college

5. A strong and stable economy

6. Safe, affordable and reliable food, water and medicine

7. Equality of human rights

8. Accountability of government

9. Safe public infrastructure, roads, bridges, dams, etc.

10. Responsible stewardship of public lands

11. Integrity in business, politics and citizenship

12. Preservation and promotion of the American Dream with equity and justice for all…American made in American markets

I welcome your comments…

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Upcoming Programs by Del Laine

Mar.   1  Business Meeting, Harrahs
              Education committee meet at 1 p.m. (Jean Anne Conlan)
          8  South Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition, Harrahs
              Beth Quant LTUSD, Megan Dee USFS, Adeline Negrete USFS, Deanna Suela USFS, and Michelle Witte TINS.
              presented by Amy Berry
        15  TBA, Harrahs
        22  TBA, Harrahs
        29   Featured Member Liz Beispel (Colleen Manzer), Harrahs
Apr.   3   Board Meeting, LTCC
          5   Business Meeting
        12   Cultural Arts in action, Annie Davidson
        19   Featured Member Jane Lommel ( )
        26   TBA
May   1    Board Meeting, LTCC
          3    Business Meeting
        10    Share Your Business, Linda LaFavor
        17    Scholarships, (Jean Ann Conlon, Julie Cathie)
        24    What’s Coming Up, Pres-Elect Pam Barrett
        31    Featured Member Rosemary Wood (Colleen Manzer)
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Thought for March by Reverend Lucie King

There is no such thing as apart

When you view the world from your heart.

All the separation disappears

When you focus on love, not fears.

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