Adding content to Wine Gala

  1. Log in
  2. Go to “Posts —> All Posts”
  3. Filter the Posts by selecting the “Food & Wine Tasting” category — click “Filter” to confirm your selection.
  4. The list now only shows Posts in the Food & Wine Tasting category.
  5. Find and click on the Post you want to edit (you can either click the name or the “Edit” link).
  6. Post will now open in Edit view.
  7. First editable area is the Post name. Good if we can keep this as is.
  8. Second editable area is the Content Area (where it says “No data yet.” in the example above). This is where you want to add your content. Style by using the styling buttons — it’s working like Word.
  9. When you’re done editing, click “Update” in the right sidebar (this will save your edits and update on the live site immediately).
  10. By clicking “Update” your edits are saved and you can safely leave this page when it’s done updating.
  11. If you want to view your edits you can click the “View post” link an see your live Post (this link is only visible after page/post is Updated/Saved).
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How to tally reported member ticket credit

  1. Log in
  2. In the left sidebar, hover over Ninja Forms and select “Submissions”
  3. Click”Select a Form”
  4. Select “Wine List Member”
  5. The list you get shows how many tickets each order is credited towards which member. The purchaser also includes their email in case it needs to be cross referenced with their order. You can also export this list and open in Excel. See instructions last on this page.
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How to download report for Ticket Purchases

  1. Log in (request login credentials)
  2. Under “Event Espresso” select “Registrations” (Event Espresso is all the way down in the left sidebar).
  3. This is the complete list of registrations for all ticket purchases PLUS lunch events, including past events.
  4. In order to limit the list to only see Ticket purchases, use the “Search Registrations” feature and enter “Tickets” as your search term.

    This generates a list of all the ticket purchases. NOTE! The bottom 5 are from when we tested the ticket sale. They aren’t possible to remove until the event has passed. Don’t count those as ticket sales as they were for testing. The first actual ticket purchased is the one dated 8/29/17. All real purchases will have later dates than this.
  5. To download a CSV file with all ticket purchases (opens in Excel), scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the button “Filtered CSV Report“.  This generates and downloads a report of the registrations you filtered via your search under 4 above. You can open that dowloaded CSV file in Excel.
  6. This is what the final downloaded report looks like:
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Send out Lunch Meeting Registration email

  1. Go to “Email Subscribers —> Newsletters”
  2. Use the following settings (Select Email Subject “Lunch Meeting Registration”):
  3. After you select which Subscribers group to send to, the “Send Email” button will become available.
  4. When you click “Send Email” you will need to click “OK” on this to send out:
  5. You have to send a total of three times — once to each of these groups; Members A-G, Members H-R and Members S-W. Make sure you get confirmation between each that it was sent before you send the next.
  6. When you’ve sent to all three groups, you can confirm that it was sent by checking “Email Subscribers —> Reports”
  7. Last but not least — we have a bunch of email addresses that are on our “trouble list” which we send to manually since they often complain that they don’t get the mass emails through the site. Below is the current list (copy and paste all addresses below into bcc field into one email [same message as you sent out to everyone else]):,,,,,,,,,,””,,,,,,

  8. When in doubt, contact Liz Beispel
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Add Monthly Newsletter link to Member Newsletters page

You are about to add a newsletter link to the page we send members to every month where all newsletter links are collected.

  1. Go to “Pages —> All Pages”
  2. Open “Member Newsletters” page  (**may have to click 3 bar menu to open content)
  3. Put the cursor first on the page and hit “enter” once to move the previous month’s newsletter link down one step.
  4. Type in your current Newsletter Month Year Newsletter and add the little double arrows (Mac = Alt (Option) + Shift + \ key)
  5. Highlight the line and click the “Link” symbol.
  6. Click the “Link Options” icon
  7. In the bottom area, find your Newsletter page you just created and select it.
  8. Click “Add Link
  9. You have now linked your text to the new page.
    You can confirm the link by hovering over the text and it should show your link like this:
  10. Click “Save and Exit” to close this text window.
  11. Click “Update” page.
  12. View your page to make sure all is good. Click your link and make sure it goes to the latest newsletter.

Not quite done yet! Now you need to update the “Newsletter Email” and send to all members. The link is already in there to the Member Newsletters page (send the prepared newsletter SISLT Newsletter)!

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Prepare a Monthly Newsletter page

  1. Go to “Pages —> Add New”
  2. Name your page “Month” “Year” Newsletter in the headline area (Example: “March 2017 Newsletter”)
  3. In the right sidebar, at Page Attributes, Chose the parent page “Member Newsletters”

    That organizes this page as a sub page under Member Newsletters’ page.
  4. Click the purple button “Use The Divi Builder”
  5. In the purple bar, click “Load From Library”
  6. In the purple bar, click “Add From Library” and “Load” the “newsletter frame”
  7. You now have this in your content area:
  8. The top box named “Month Year Newsletter” includes the headline. Open and update the text to your current month and year. Save and Exit.
  9. The middle box is just a divider. Don’t change this.
  10. The bottom box named “Newsletter feed” includes the post feed of your newsletter. Open and select the category of your current newsletter by putting a checkmark by the correct category. In this case it’s March 2017.
  11. Click Save and Exit
  12. Click Publish and your new page is created. It is a sub page under Member Newsletters.

Not done yet! Next step is to add a link to this page on the main Member Newsletters page.

Instructions here »

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How to check and download lunch registrations

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Event Espresso” select “Registrations
  3. This is the complete list of registrations for all events, including past events.
  4. In order to limit the list to one event’s registrations, use the “Search Registrations” and enter a term or date used in the event name (in this example I’ve used “February 22” as that is part of the event name). This generates a list of all the entries for that specific event only.
  5. You can now view this list to get an estimate of your registrations — in this case it says “35 items” which means 35 registrations.
  6. To download a CSV file (opens in Excel) of the registrations, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the button “Filtered CSV Report“.  This generates and downloads a report of the registrations you filtered via your search under 4 above. You can open that dowloaded CSV file in Excel and remove all the columns you don’t need for your report. Check this report for duplicates and make sure you keep the columns for guest and vegetarian requests.
  7. This is what the final downloaded report should look like when you have removed the redundant fields — print out and bring to lunch registration table:
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Connect Event Registration with Calendar Event

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Event Espresso” select “Events
  3. Find the Event Registration that pertains to the Calendar Event you want registrations for (to set up Calendar Event, instructions here — to set up Event Registration, instructions here)
  4. Open Event Registration and click “Shortcode” button.
  5. Copy the code that’s generated. Looks something like this:

    You will need to insert (paste) this code into your event’s content area:

Now it’s time to add the registration to your Calendar Event.

  1. Go to “Events —> All Events
  2. Click “Edit” on the Calendar Event you want to add registration to.
  3. Scroll down to the content area (this is where you would add the event description if you had one).
  4. Paste the shortcode you copied from the Expresso Event
  5. Just above that code, paste this information (instructions how to register):

    Don’t forget to set “QTY” below:
    – Select “1” if just yourself, add # of guests you are bringing then add guest(s) names in next step.
    – After setting Qty, click “Register Now” to complete registration (you can use your own email if you don’t have your guest’s email)
    – If applicable, check Vegetarian for yourself and guests in next step.

  6. You should now have the text above and the shortcode below it.
  7. Click “Update
  8. Preview your event by clicking “View event” at the top of the page. Make sure the registration is at the bottom of the page. The “Goes on Sale” date will change to a selector of quantity when the event registration is open. You set this in the Event Registration settings. If you need to change, just go back to “Espresso Events” and update. No need to change anything else — it’s linked and will update automatically when you change anything.

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Set up lunch registration for an upcoming luncheon meeting

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Event Espresso” — select “Events” (note, Event Espresso is not the same as “Events” higher up in the sidebar).
  3. To add:
    1. Find the event named “Month Day, Year — Lunch Meeting Registration — MASTER —” and open it (this file already has the basic settings done for you).
    2. Click the button “Duplicate Event
    3. You will now see a copy of the original page with the addition “**DUPLICATE**” after the headline.
    4. Change the headline to the event’s date and year and remove the words “—MASTER—**DUPLICATE**” from the headline.
      Here’s an example of correct headline: “May 22, 2017 — Lunch Meeting Registration” where the date indicates the date of the luncheon you are taking registrations for.
    5. Under “Event Tickets & Datetimes” — change the Event Start and Event End to the date in question (in this example it’s 2017-05-22), the preset time is 12 noon to 1pm. Change time if needed.
    6. Under “Available Tickets” — Change the date/time for Sale Starts and Sell Until to reflect when registration is available.
    7. Select the Venue where this event is held. If the Venue isn’t on the list, add it under “Event Espresso —> Venues”.
    8. Click “Publish
    9. Done

Now you need to add this registration to your event. Follow the steps here.

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Add or edit a Calendar Event

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Events” — select “All Events

To add a new event:

  1. Click “Add New” button up top
  2. Enter the information under “Event Details
    1. Event Date and Time — make your selections
    2. Event Location Details — add venue name and address. You can chose to show the location on the map.
    3. Event cost and Tickets — don’t change this as we currently don’t sell tickets via the website.
    4. Organizer Contact Info — enter contact info for the person organizing this (leave blank if needed)
  3. In the content area, enter your specific event description. You can place images and text here as well as links to other pages if needed.
  4. Under “Categories” in the right sidebar, select which category this event is to be sorted. You can add a new category if there none of the existing applies. Do this sparingly please.
  5. Click “Publish” if you want this added to the calendar right away.
  6. If you want this added to the calendar at a later date, use the settings in the “Publish” tab in the right sidebar. You can pick a future date. Your “Publish” button will then change to “Schedule” instead.
  7. Done

Duplicate event

Another way to add a new event is to base it on an existing event if most of the details are the same, for instance, Member Luncheon with highlighted member.

  1. Find an event that’s similar to the new event you want to create
  2. Hover over Event name and click “Clone to Draft”
  3. This opens a copy of the event and you can edit the date, time and information to fit your upcoming event.
  4. Last step, when you rename your event you also need to rename the “Permalink” for the page so it has the new name in the file name. Just click “Edit” by Permalink, remove the old page name and click “OK” — this will input your new page name automatically.
  5. Click “Publish”
  6. Done.

To edit an existing event:

  1. Under “All Events” find the event you want to edit.
  2. Hover over the event’s name and click “Edit
  3. Edit info
  4. Click “Update”
  5. Done
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How to add or edit a member on the email list

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Email Subscribers” — select “Subscribers
  3. To add:
    1. Click “Add new Subscriber” button up top
    2. Enter the information; Name and email address
    3. Leave “Subscriber Status” as is (“Confirmed”)
    4. Select the group this member is to be in (First letter of last name decides which Member group to select, A-G, H-R, or S-W (or above W).
    5. Click “Add Subscriber
    6. Done
  4. To edit an existing member:
    1. Find the member you want to edit.
    2. In the far right column, under “Action,” click “Edit
    3. Edit info
    4. Click Save
    5. Done
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How to compose an eblast to send out to the members

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Email Subscribers” — select “Templates
  3. We already have a few pre-composed emails for recurring eblasts — feel free to edit the ones you use. Make sure they’re “time generic” so they can be used as is in the future.
  4. If you need to compose a new message, click “Add new” and compose your message. Make sure you use “Static Template” so you can format your email as you wish.
  5. When you have composed and saved your message, use the instructions under “How to send out an email message to the members” to send your message. (Your message will use the “Email Subject” as it’s name.)
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How to send out an eblast to the members

  1. Log in
  2. Under “Email Subscribers” — select “Newsletters
  3. Do the following selections:
    1. Select Mail Subject — select the email message you want to send out. If you haven’t composed an email message for your current topic, read instructions here.
    2. Select Mail Type — “Send mail immediately”
    3. Select Subscribers group to Send Mail — see Note below.

Note: Due to spam settings our eblast recipients are separated into THREE groups: “Members A-G”, “Members H-R” and “Members S-W” to avoid it being treated as spam.

After you select the subscribers’ group, click “Send Email” — repeat for each of the three Members’ groups mentioned above.

TIPS! Use TEST Group to send out a test email first — make sure you’re in the TEST Group so you receive your test.

You can track who opens their emails under “Email Subscribers —> Reports” — note, there will be three reports, one for each Members’ group you sent out to.

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