September/October 2019 Programs

Wednesday September 18 — Major Project Q & A @ Harrah’s

Thursday September 19 — Soroptimist Social 5 pm @ The Chart House (please rsvp to Pat Disney)

Wednesday September 25 — City Council Chambers @ Lake Tahoe Airport/City Offices

Sunday September 29 Birthday Celebration for Roberta Mason @ Lake Tahoe Community College

Monday September 30 — LTCC Board Meeting

Wednesday October 2 — Business Meeting @ Harrah’s

Wednesday October 2 (evening) — Book Swap @ Virginia Glenn’s

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September 2019 Birthdays

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Aletha Nelligan — September ? (secret?)

Linda LaFavor-Coyle — September 5

Norma Severloh — September 6

Sue Novasel — September 12

Vicki J. McKenna — September 19

Leslie Timmerman — September 22

Norma Smith — September 28

Roberta Mason — September 30

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President’s Update

I am very excited about the current vibe of our club! Do you feel it? I know I feel it! We are bringing new members in every month, we are out volunteering in our community, helping other organizations, the Wine Tasting is approaching and we are having healthy discussions regarding our major project.  I feel like we are in a groove and I just want to do a little dance. I LOVE seeing smiling faces everywhere I go, and I love that the direction we are going! 

With all of this in mind, we will be hearing more information regarding the major project this week.  Keep an eye out in your email for detailed information for each project. The ballot will be emailed out shortly after the meeting on the 18th.  It will be sent via email within 5 days of the meeting. A huge thank you to the major project committee for bringing forward two excellent projects! Wherever we end up though this process, I am thankful that I am a part of such a amazing organization that has worked so hard for so long to be able to give a amazing gift to our community. 

Looking forward, I would like to challenge every member to not just sell the 5 wine tasting tickets they are required to sell, but try to sell 2 more tickets.  If every member sells 2 extra tickets, that adds up to over $10,000 in additional profit for our club! THAT’S HUGE! That is one way, you as a member can do something to make a huge difference. Just ask a couple more people if they would like to come. Lets sell Harrah’s out!!

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Inspirational Thought for September

(Wow, can’t believe we are already here…)

Equally awesome in a new way,
I venture out to the rhythm of each day.
And as I let go of what was then,
The now becomes a newfound friend.

Love Lucy

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By: Linda Mendizabal

JULIE GUDAITIS became JULIE WARD on Sep. 14 when she wed Tom Ward; they are celebrating with a honeymoon in Indonesia – congrats! …

PEG BLOWNEY celebrated the 10th successful T.A.P. fundraising anniversary of Music on the Beach end of August …

ROBERTA MASON and family vacationed for 2 ½ weeks relaxing by train through Canada including canoeing on Lake Louise; AND LTCC is hosting a celebration of ROBERTA’s 90th birthday/her contributions to education on Sep. 29, 2-5:00 pm, at LTCC – come celebrate! …

JOYCE BLACKSTONE-TURNER missed us and has been visiting from her new digs in Cabo San Lucas …

after more than 3 years of Mon-Wed-Fri Dialysis, PAT OLIVEIRA’s husband, Carol Drawbaugh got a new kidney! The call came from Arizona so it was a rush to get there (and of course the plane was delayed) within the time limit given. But he’s doing well, will be AZ for a few weeks and PAT can quit her “shopping job” while killing time in Carson – yay! …

HANNA BERNARD was scheduled for ablation surgery to address heart arrhythmia, and it was performed but stopped (the surgery, not her heart…) once they “got in” due to a complication – yikes, how frustrating ….

DEL LAINE had a “heart dysfunction” and has a pacemaker now – dtr.

BROOKE LAINE is super busy as her husband had knee surgery about the same time; thanks to cell phone she is available to both “patients” 24 hours/day; husband Jose was in significant pain after his surgery but once it was discovered that he had been prescribed ½ dose of pain meds (and re-prescribed the correct dose), he’s doing better.   

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A thank You from the Wine Committee

Wine Committee would like to thank membership for their continued team effort to make the 49th Annual a successful fundraiser. It’s countdown time to our event now and we need your continued help and support. 

1. It’s easier to sell your tickets if it is early bird pricing. Reach out to friends, neighbors and business associates of those who you work with and those who you do business with to distribute posters (put your name and phone number on the poster to sell more tickets in those places where people know you) and tickets.

NEWSFLASH!!!! HARRAH’S IS NOT CHARGING OUR GUESTS FOR SELF-PARKING . Instruct our guests that when they give us their tickets we will hand them a parking sticker for their self parking ticket. This does not apply to valet parking. 

Don’t forget to share the great Facebook posts that Natasha is doing for us. If you share on your own page friends may re-post and you are able to help us sell more tickets. The more people that attend the event the more funds we can raise at our silent auction, cork raffle and large raffle prize tickets. All money for any $65 tickets sold on early bird pricing has to be turned into Cathleen Donovan no later than September 25. If you turn in ticket money after that date then you will need to turn in $75 per ticket.  If you sell 10 tickets then you get a free ticket for a guest.

2. Donate to our silent auction/cork raffle at least 3 items or sign up for obtaining 3 items from businesses around town. There is a pass around list at the meeting to help you with ideas of who to contact. We would ask that if somebody has already signed up for a business not to contact them so we don’t overwhelm our business contributors. Contact Colleen Manzer at as to what you are able to obtain for our fundraiser if you have missed the sign up sheet.  VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTACT LEE MOISIO, JULIE GUDAITIS OR COLLEEN MANZER WHEN YOU OBTAIN AN ITEM SO WE CAN GATHER IT FROM YOU (OR BUSINESS) AND ADD IT TO OUR WEBSITE OF DONORS. 

3. Sponsor a wine for our wine refrigerator. Pat Disney has the sign up sheet or call/email her if you would like to help us with this. 

4. Wine committee is continuously adding wineries, breweries, restaurants to our website to keep the public updated. Silent auction and cork raffle items also have their own page and we will be updating that page continuously as contributors donate.

5. Sign up for jobs. If you haven’t seen the sign up list sent out by Ginger Mitchell please email her at Every member needs to work at the event. If we all share in the work then it is not too much for a few. 

6. If you can’t find your SISLT name badge, order a new one now. All members need to have a name badge at the event so our guests know to ask you for help if needed and to help other members know who you are

Thank you,
Colleen Manzer
2019 Wine Committee Chair

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PatO’s happy news

Hello all, 

Yes, it really happened. It is not a dream! 

After three years and three days of waiting, of being on-call 24/7/365 with two false alarms, the third time was the charm.

Hubby Carol received a kidney transplant overnight Wed, August 28th at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. We received “the call” earlier that day that there was a match and to get to Mayo Clinic FAST. We had less than one hour to provide them with a flight number and exact arrival time.

A crazy, whirlwind day of travel, including a delay on our non-stop flight because of weather. Wouldn’t you know, on THIS flight! Carol was whisked directly from the parking lot at Mayo’s E.R. straight to Pre-op, where at one point, there were nine medical folks doing nine different routine pre-op tasks all at once. With our flight delay, timing had now become extremely critical!

Carol is doing very well, in fact excellent, and his transplant team is quite pleased. He was discharged after only 2.5 days. Isn’t modern medicine amazing, 2.5 days? So far, he and his new kidney are very happy and comfy together. 

We will need to remain in Phoenix for six weeks undergoing every-other-day labs, tests, doctor consults, transplant team appointments, in addition to the daily testing, readings, monitoring that we must do ourselves. Lots of record keeping. It’s been 106-109 degrees every day, but this ain’t no Arizona vacation😀 !!

We look forward to resuming our lives, although this new chapter comes with its own new challenges as well. But no more 3x/week, all-day trips to Carson City for dialysis. Carol”s life had depended upon equipment on the other side of the mountain. It’s been a long three years.

‘My office’ at Costco will be closing now, and customers will just have to make their own decisions on furniture and other items without me 😊. Honestly, I really will miss the friends I’ve made in the retail world down there.

Carol and I are very happy, very grateful, relieved, overwhelmed, emotional, exhausted. But we are ever so thankful to the donor and his or her grieving family for giving us the gift of life through organ donation. We will forever hold them in our hearts.

Hope to see everyone again soon. This really is incredible! 


PS:  Looks like the number 3 is our new lucky number ❤.   The words below have always been very special to us. They come from the national organ registry.

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SISLT Book Swap


Hosted by Virginia Glenn at #415 Lakeland Village
3535 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Please join Soroptimist International of South Lake Tahoe for our fun and stimulating book swap. Bring a couple books that you have enjoyed reading (paperback or hardback) and be prepared to share a brief synopsis. If others in the group have read the book, we encourage discussion and input. At the end, we “swap” and benefit from new reading material until our next meeting. Enjoy wine, tea, treats, stimulating discourse and the opportunity to interact with brilliant independent-minded women! You do not need to be a Soroptimist to join us, so bring your friends. 

Some of you already said the date was good for you, but please contact Virginia to confirm you still plan to attend.  CONTACT:  Virginia Glenn at or (530) 545-9424 if you would like to join us. Please let Virginia know if you would like to bring food or wine (not required to participate). Map is attached below with unit 415 circled in red.

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You’re Invited to Roberta Mason’s 90th Birthday Celebration!

You’re invited to an Open House birthday celebration honoring Roberta Mason! Enjoy light refreshments, view the Haldan Gallery art exhibit and visit with Roberta!

Join us in putting together a special gift by emailing your Roberta stories and photos to (or by replying to this email address) by Friday, September 20.

The Lake Tahoe Community College is hosting this event in honor of Roberta’s lifetime of service to LTCC.

In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to the LTCC Foundation for the Roberta Mason Honorary Scholarship.

Lake Tahoe Community College | One College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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Massage Discount

Take care of yourself AND give back to the community at the same time!  For every hour massage you receive from Julie Gudaitis at Tahoe Custom Massage and Structural Integration, Julie will donate $10 back to SISLT in your honor. Schedule online at or call 812-272-3351.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s or Harveys numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps the venue plan the amount of food needed. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.
  • Register by going to our calendar and select the upcoming lunch meeting. If registration is closed, please email or contact Linda Mitchell directly.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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