Ways to help make this our best fundraiser

  1. Be here. It’s important to be present for our fundraiser. This is what funds the scholarships, allocations and our major project. For the first time since I’ve been a member we will be asking people to  help us with our event besides our membership as we are seriously short members. Those people may have purchased a ticket but instead they will help us in return for access to our event. Your presence matters. In 2020 really think about the trips that you plan. Can you be here and be present? We need your help and support.
  2. Sell your tickets or if you are unable to sell them then purchase them yourself and give them away so those people you give them to will participate in our raffles and silent auction. If you are asking another member to sell your ticket then that member is not selling extra tickets for our event which makes less money for us to give away. Lifetime members don’t have to sell their tickets but it is appreciated when you do as it supports our mission. This is our fundraiser, right? All ticket money to be turned in to Cathy Donovan.
  3. Contribute to our silent auction/raffle. Ask a business to donate goods or a certificate from the list that has been at meetings. If you are not comfortable with asking then donate wine, boxed jewelry, art or hand crafts of your own. The more donations we have the more we can give away. Contact Lee, Julie or Colleen if you have questions. We are glad to help.
  4. For those who are here in town and present please sign up for at least 2 shifts – one prior or after the event and one during the event. Do it soon please as we are trying to figure out how many people other than Soroptimists we need to pull off this event. Questions – contact Ginger Mitchell.
  5. Yes…you do have to buy 5 raffle tickets, or sell them to somebody else. If you aren’t going to be at the event please turn your money and tickets with your name on them and we will put it in a raffle drawing for you. Then sell more to friends and family who can’t attend our event! They do not need to be present to win our raffle prizes. It’s our fundraiser right?
  6. The night of the event – WEAR YOUR NAMEBADGE!! WEAR BLACK OR WHITE TO SUPPORT OUR WINE COMMITTEE’S THEME THIS YEAR. Smile and help our guests. You are the host. Have fun but don’t overdo it with too much to drink. Bring flat shoes for after the event for clean up and an apron or change of clothes. We can’t go home until the trucks and cars are loaded up with our equipment that goes back to storage. That means that we have to get the wine glasses and the plates clean. It is a fun party in the kitchen with plenty of nice wine being poured and fun camaraderie. We welcome husbands and friends to help us too. If you are all done with your job please don’t leave your Soroptimist sisters washing dishes and loading up without you. If we all pitch in we all can get home at a decent hour. If you leave us behind….it’s a very long day.

Cheers to our 49th Annual. Let’s make it great. I’m thankful that I am able to chair this great committee who is committed to raising these funds for our club to give away. I’m thankful for our members who have really stepped it up this year and helped us with obtaining silent auction items. It has been a challenge for all of our changes to the event this year and a lot of work but mostly it has been gratifying to know I am contributing to help the lives of women and children in our community. I keep reminding myself of that when I get frustrated or overwhelmed with the task. Thank you in advance for everything you are doing to make this fundraiser worthwhile and helpful for our community.

Colleen Manzer

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South Tahoe High School’s Homecoming Celebration

Hello Alumni:

This Friday October 11 will mark the beginning of South Tahoe High Schools Homecoming Celebration.  There are several events (detailed below) that you may be interested in participating in.


Parade participants to begin gathering in the TJMaxx Parking Lot at 3:15pm on Friday October 11, 2019.  We will have a large truck for those that want to ride in the Alumni spirit truck.  Also, you can drive you own vehicle.  Please register your vehicle HERE if you would like to participate.  Indicate that you are with the alumni and wish to be at the head of the parade.  If you have any questions please email me (lainefoto@gmail.com).  The parade is to begin promptly at 4:00pm and make its way up to the High School.


We will build the alumni float starting at 5:30pm – 8:00pm on Wednesday October 9.  Our trailer will be positioned at South Tahoe Refuse.  We (the Alumni Foundation) purchased several items that will need to be assembled and secured to the trailer.  Also, for those of you with “mad pomp-ing skills”, we have an alumni sign and a soccer ball that could use your skills!


If you want to watch the parade (as opposed to participating in the parade), the alumni will host a pre-homecoming event at South Tahoe Brewery on Friday October 11 from 3pm – 6pm. 

We need your help building the float!  We would love for you to either participate in the parade or attend the All Alumni pre-homecoming event at South Tahoe Brewery.

Please help make this years parade a success.  RSVP to Brooke if you are able to help build the float on Wednesday Oct. 9 and/or if you will be participating in the parade on Friday October 11.

Feel free to pass this email onto other Alumni that you think would be interested.                           

Brooke Laine, Class of 1982

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Rotary Announcement — Recognizing one of our members

The South Tahoe Rotary Club will be recognizing Roberta Mason for a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

Event Date: Wednesday October 23

From 5pm – 8pm 

Lake Tahoe AleWorx at the Y

We are welcoming all Soroptimists to attend the special presentation. We will be holding a fundraising event for Polio and AleWorx will be donating a portion of the night’s proceeds.

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October Programs

We have some great programs coming up, it’s a great time to bring a friend! Remember this week we are meeting at the LIBRARY. (Library)

10/9  — Barton Health Coach: Different Approaches to Healthy Eating (Harrah’s)

10/16 — Ari Ramos- Walking Across America to Promote Healthy Lifestyle (Harrah’s)

10/30 — DARK (Wine Tasting Week)

11/4 — Board Meeting (LTCC, Board Room A106)

11/6 — Business Meeting (location TBA)

11/13 — All In For Clean Energy (including Solar and Electric Vehicles) (location TBA)

11/20 — TRPA Mainstreet Mgmt Designs (location TBA)

11/27 — DARK (Thanksgiving)

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President’s Message

I would like to commend our club for the amazing work put forth regarding our major project. Now that the project has been decided, we can move forward with getting our hands dirty and this project started! This is going to be a very fun and exciting time as we begin to see this project come alive. There will be a lot of decisions and work ahead for this new committee. I believe we have a lot of members with experience and contacts that will serve as excellent members to this committee. As I stated during the business meeting, I believe that we cannot ignore the importance of the Boys and Girls Club of SLT. I would like to see our club build a relationship with the organization, and provide them some much needed support. 

We have the wine tasting coming up in a few weeks, and I would like to see as many of our members helping the committee prepare for this event. I know that bringing in your silent auction and raffle items is VERY important right now, as is turning in money for ticket sales.  Please make sure to sign up to work a shift at the event and help with clean up or set up, the success of this event lies solely on each others efforts.  I am going to pack a bag with sneakers and sweat pants to help clean up, who’s with me?!?

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October 2019 Birthdays

Vicky Gonzales — October 11

Rose Marie Ottman — October 13

Donna McLelland — October 13

Anita Vieites — October 16

Kris Keesling — October 27

Ellen Camacho — October 29

Ginger Mitchell — October 31

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October Inspirational Thought

Quest for Balance

I’m one up, one down
I’m one down, one up
How arrogant can I be
To think that anyone on this planet
Is more or less equal to me 

Love, Lucie

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Massage Discount

Take care of yourself AND give back to the community at the same time!  For every hour massage you receive from Julie Gudaitis at Tahoe Custom Massage and Structural Integration, Julie will donate $10 back to SISLT in your honor. Schedule online at TahoeCustomMassage.com or call 812-272-3351.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s or Harveys numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps the venue plan the amount of food needed. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.
  • Register by going to our calendar and select the upcoming lunch meeting. If registration is closed, please email or contact Linda Mitchell directly.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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