A Message from President Pam

We are busy working with SI Tahoe Sierra (SITS) planning the District 5 meeting which will be held on Saturday, October 13, at the Beach Retreat and Lodge here in Tahoe.  Sixteen of our members plan to attend. It is not often that we have the opportunity to attend a District meeting without traveling. Sue Novasel will give the community welcome and we will have a table at the meeting where Mickey Madden, member of our Partners Against Trafficking Committee, will be sharing information about our club’s anti-trafficking efforts with Partners Against Human Trafficking (PATH); we will auction a wine basket and Pat Disney will sell winetasting tickets. The guest speaker will be Dr. Jean Creasey from the Kellerman Foundation and Happy Dollars will be donated to the Kellerman Foundation.

The Winetasting Committee has asked every member of our club to donate a bottle (or two) of wine valued at at least $20 to the Wine Grab at our winetasting event.  The “SISLT Wine Store” has wine (valued from $20 to $36) that was not sold at the Sample the Sierra available for sale.  If you still need to donate a bottle, please purchase it from our supply for $22 (includes tax).  When I receive your payment, I will deliver a bottle of wine to the Winetasting Committee for you.  It’s a win-win!  The Club gets paid for the wine and the Winetasting earns $20 at the Wine Grab! And it saves YOU a trip to the store. You can contact Pat Disney, Ginger Mitchell or Pam Barrett to purchase wine from the SISLT Wine Store.

Our Awards Committee is soliciting applications for the Live Your Dream Award.  If you are aware of a woman who is attending an undergraduate degree program or a vocational skills training program and has the primary financial responsibility for herself and her dependents, she is eligible for this $2000 award.  For information on the award and how to apply, go to bit.ly/LYDA-apply.

The Awards Committee is also seeking applicants for the G.I.V.E. Award (Girls Into Volunteer Experiences) (previously known as the Violet Richardson Award) honoring young women (grades 8-12) for their volunteer action. The winner receives $100 and her volunteer agency also receives $100. Applications are available from Ellen Palazzo and Pam Barrett.  Applications for both awards must be received by November 15.

In addition, the club’s Foundation Advisory Committee has developed a survey which you should have received in your email inbox.  We hope to have a 100% response to this important survey which will help the committee develop recommendations for the future course for our Soroptimist club. If you have not received your survey, contact Annie Davidson at annehdavidson@gmail.com

Actions Taken at the October Board Meeting

The Board accepted, with regret, the resignation of Liz Beispel from the Board of Directors.

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Now on Netflix…REVERSING ROE

Do you believe that abortion should be a decision between a woman, her family and her doctor?  Or do you think the government should have the authority to limit women’s choices?

As I’ve said before, if men were the ones who got pregnant there would be free abortion clinics in every city across the land.  Since that is not the case, our predominantly male congressional bodies are trying to infringe on our Constitutional rights and our freedom of choice in this very personal matter.  

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t get one, but in a “free country” who has the right to impose their beliefs on others?

Women fought for freedom of reproductive choice as a constitutional right and won the battle in the 1970’s, but the war on those rights has never ended.  

REVERSING ROE is an informative documentary on the history behind the infamous Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade and the continuing efforts to overturn legal abortion.

Politicians have turned a very personal choice into a political issue in order to rally voter support and create division among citizens.  They made it a pivotal issue by posing it as pro life verses pro choice; by drawing a line in the sand they created the perception that you are either one or the other, but can’t we believe in both and let each women decide their own fate?  No one is anti life so that platform does not make logical sense in a rational world.  It’s about government control of women’s bodies and reducing women’s health care options. 

For several years, Planned Parenthood has been under fire by a political party in cahoots with the religious right and they are undermining women’s accessibility to reproductive healthcare through budgetary cuts.  Together, they have villainized doctors who provide abortions which has prompted violence from their supporters.  They cleverly blur the separation of church and state when it serves their purpose.

The Supreme Court is being stacked with justices who are committed to overturning Roe which will give the decision back to individual state governments.  It’s just a matter of time.  Many states are at the ready to challenge women’s freedom of choice and bring it back to the Supreme Court yet again.  If Roe is overturned, undoubtedly abortion will become illegal in those states.

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?  Use your voice and your vote.  Help spread the word about women’s health issues.  Call and write to your elected PUBLIC SERVANTS to express your opinions and cast your votes for those who will better represent The citizenry.  

Personally, I find our legislative bodies lacking in gender equality.  There are far too many old, white males who cannot possibly make fair decisions for women or our culturally diverse population.  It’s time for change.   VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and tell everyone you know to VOTE in the midterm elections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Vicki R. Gonzales 

Human Rights/Status of Women

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Foundation Advisory Committee by Annie Davison

The word “foundation” has many, different but related meanings. From the cosmetic we put on under other makeup to highlight our pretty, to the masonry base or underlying support to a building, we know foundations are the necessary groundwork or first layer of anything strong.

The Club is in a precarious situation. We face low energy, low attendance, dwindling numbers of members, discontent and disagreement among those who do participate, criticism from the outer community, and significant blows to future income. We likely won’t survive if we focus on what we have done in the past.

This Club has a powerful and illustrious history. I’m new enough to be intimidated by this history, the women who have made it what it is ‒ while I am also eager to carry that legacy forward. We can all agree that change is inevitable, and when we resist change, it finds us anyhow. Change is here for our club: we can either “make walls or windmills,” as the ancient saying goes. The question is, how will we face it?

In light of this, President Pam pulled together an ad hoc committee to focus on our Club’s foundation. We call this group the Foundations Advisory Committee, and it includes ten members to represent those with more years in the club to us newer members:

  • Julie Gudaitis <jgudaitis@gmail.com>
  • Jennifer Lukins <jennlukins@gmail.com>
  • Natasha Schue <natashakidman@gmail.com>
  • Hanna Bernard <hanna@highmarkdesigns.com>
  • Pam Barrett <zippygirl1@att.net>
  • Cheryl Chambers <cherylchambers58@gmail.com>
  • Abby Ouimet <abby.ouimet@gmail.com>
  • Jan Gurnee <we4trvl@ail.com>
  • Elizabeth Palmer <Elizabeth.Palmer@ampf.com>
  • Annie Davidson, annehdavidson@gmail.com

To start looking at our foundation, 25 members participated at a lunch meeting by answering our first foundational question: “What do you love the most about our South Shore community?VERY clear themes emerged worth celebrating:

  • Beautiful environment with lots of healthy, outdoor activities/lifestyle options. Quote: “I love the amazing natural environment that exists here and the love for this environment that is evidence in our population. Also, the availability of quality outdoor activities to participate in year ‘round.”
  • Safe, friendly, “small town” community. Quote: “Small town feeling”
  • How we support each other (individually, non-profits, schools, clubs). Quote: “When needs arise, one or more community organizations rise to meet those community needs.”

All of the actual responses follow this piece. But before you read them, get your SURVEY ON! Please participate in our first survey of the Club membership. This survey is intended to touch on a number of issues that surfaced during our summer discussions led by Natasha. We will be reviewing the results and planning additional information-gathering and action steps.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE. The survey is designed to take 5-10 minutes and be easy to submit. It is anonymous. Be candid.



In addition, please send your ideas to anyone on the committee (emails above). We want to compile ideas, big and small, to form a running log of possibilities to explore.

Thank you!

Enjoy the celebration of our South Shore community below!

  • The blend of the natural environment within the community
  • Seeing familiar faces wherever I go
  • The “small town” – good aspects – support, warmth, also the relaxed atmosphere of a mountain town
  • The access to recreational activities, the diversity of our population, that we are a bi-state community, the fact that we are a “small town” community
  • Small town feel, outdoor activities right out our door, lots of community groups and activities, our LT Wildlife Care, community members are very supportive when there is a need, our lovely lake and the environmental focus to preserve our pristine area
  • I love the amazing natural environment that exists here and the love for this environment that is evidence in our population. Also, the availability of quality outdoor activities to participate in year round.
  • I love the sense of community in South Shore.
  • The beauty of the lake, my friends here
  • The beautiful area and all the activities available, the wonderful people and how everyone looks out for each other
  • I love the people. It is very easy to meet people and the folks seem to really come together when needed. I love the recreational activities available to us in our beautiful environment.
  • Small community, the beauty of our surroundings
  • Small town, lots of service organizations that support our community, beauty of our location, recreational opportunities
  • Small town feeling, supporting those in need, the beauty of our area
  • The natural beauty and the people
  • (1) The beauty of the lake and mountains, (2) The community overall does/can pull together to support our nonprofits and service agencies (like LVF and FRC), (3) The schools, especially that each elementary has a special focus, (4) Friendships/support of SISLT/SITS
  • Sense of family – and how “giving” this community is!
  • Art and music events, friendly people, beauty
  • Friendly people – willing to share information and assistance
  • The physical environment: mts., lake, trees
  • When needs arise, one or more community organizations rise to meet those community needs.
  • Nature and beauty! Surprised how many different groups there are. (Cliquish?) Opportunities for health and wellness. Good lifestyle. 9-5 isn’t the norm. Different is accepted.
  • Small town feeling, the people, great place to raise children
  • I have met friends for life through Tahoe.
  • (1) Clean air and water, (2) mostly healthy attitude of residents
  • Beautiful lake and mountains, small, friendly, and community-oriented
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October Birthdays

Happy Birthday October!

Victoria R. Gonzales


Rose Marie Ottman


Donna McLelland


Anita Vieites


Laurie Byren


Kris Keesling


Ellen Camacho


Ginger Mitchell


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October Thought by Lucie King

Equally awesome in a new way,

I venture out to the rhythm of each day.

And as I let go of what was then,

The now becomes a newfound friend.

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Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder to all that your RSVP to the weekly attendance notice is important.  

  • We need to give Harrah’s numbers by 12:30 on the Monday before a meeting.  An accurate count keeps our expenses way down and helps Harrah’s plan the amount of food they need. 
  • Remember that if you register properly you will receive both an immediate acknowledgement at the site AND an email thanking you for registering.  
  • If you forget or think something is wrong, you can email or call me to get on the list. We always try to accommodate you.

Attendance Committee
Linda Mitchell     530-541-2635


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