February was Black History Month

By: Linda Mendizabal

Harriet Tubman, A Champion of Freedom

Born into slavery around 1822 in Bucktown, near Cambridge, MD. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Tubman was one of nine children of Harriet Green and Benjamin Ross.

She escaped the bonds of slavery in the summer of 1849, traveling by night through Maryland and Delaware to Philadelphia and from there to New York and over into Canada. “I had reasoned this out in my mind”, she said, “there was one of two things I had a right to – liberty or death. If I could not have one, I could have the other, for no man should take me alive. I shall fight for my liberty and when the time comes for me to go, the Lord will let “them kill me.”

Tubman then began what she knew must be done. She made numerous trips South, rescuing a large number of enslaved people from the “Jaws of Hell.” Most of her traveling was done in the cheerless solitude of night, with no protection other than her cunning, no guide and no hope of reward save the consciousness that she was “about her Father’s business”. Such a terror did she become to the slaveholders of Maryland that many rewards were offered for her head. She was rightly called “The Moses of her people” – she was bold, daring and elusive. All of her trips were carefully planned and brilliantly executed through the use of the “Underground Railroad”, a flexible but effective method of spiriting freedom seekers out of the South by an ever-shifting series of hiding places. The secrets of the “Underground Railroad” were so well kept that, even today, not too much is known about it.

Tubman’s motto was “Keep Going” – “children, if you are tired, Keep Going; if you are scared, Keep Going; if you are hungry, Keep Going.” On one trip out of the South she brought her own family. Her mother was unwilling to leave behind her feather bed tick and her father his broad axe and other tools so she bundled them all up and landed them in Canada.

During the Civil War, Tubman rendered invaluable service to the Union Army as spy, scout, cook, and hospital nurse. She was at the memorable battle of Fort Wagner and it was she who prepared the last breakfast eaten by Col. R.G. Shaw.

After the war Tubman settled in Auburn, New York, where she lived in a home obtained through her lifelong friend, William H. Seward. On March 10, 1913, in the fiftieth year of emancipation, Harriet Tubman died. She was buried with military rites in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY. The next year, this city declared an unprecedented one-day memorial to this courageous, champion of freedom. Booker T. Washington was the keynote speaker and Auburn citizens unveiled the Harriet Tubman Plaque which still stands at the entrance to the Cayuga County Court House in Auburn, NY.

(Short biography taken from pamphlet handed out to visitors to the Tubman home and memorial)

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Support Plus

I invite each of you to please let me know if there is some difficult situation in your life so that we may offer our support as a club.  AND, to also, when you note another member in a stressful time, to please (with their permission) call me and let me know. This month, our long time member, Kris Keesling, had a terrible accident while shoveling snow at her home.  She has a serious back injury which has required much treatment and eventually surgery. I only found out yesterday from Pat Oliviera who is all the way in Maui!  I wish I had known so that we could have at least offered our support in a way that would have been helpful to Kris.  Her mother is suffering with end of life illness in Southern California and she has not been able to travel down to be with her until now.  She is finishing up work before she leaves to be with her now.

So, PLEASE, let me know if you notice someone in any kind of crisis. Sometimes I bring soup.  Sometimes I call.  Sometimes I bring or send a card or flowers.  Even if we can’t be of practical help, we can let our sisters know that we care.  I keep things confidential unless I have permission from the person to share their news.

This month Janey Roeser’s mother passed and we sent a card and flowers. Janey told me that all of her 7 children were with her when she died and that her mother had been such a loving person. How fortunate for her to be surrounded by those who loved her!

Also, Mickey Madden’s husband, Doug, succumbed to a very long time illness.  He has been a part of our club functions for many years.  Our hearts go out to Mickey and her children.  She was fortunate to have her daughter, Kendra, living with her this past year.  This happened in my absence and Kathy Allyn filled in for me and (with Diane Roeser Kinney) took a card and flowers out to Mickey in Christmas Valley.

Mary Lou Whitcomb

Support Plus

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Challenge Days Needs Volunteers

Challenge Day at South Tahoe High School needs volunteers on Monday, March 18, 7:30 am-3:00 pm.  Challenge Day mission and vision:

Mission: Challenge Days provide youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression.

Vision: That every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, go to http://signup.com/go/bZhfRgV

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Request from the Lake Valley Firefighters Foundation

Our club recently received a request for a donation from the Lake Valley Firefighters Foundation to support the 4th annual Easter egg hunt held at Tahoe Paradise Park for children in our community.  We are not able to consider a donation because we have a policy of not donating to other foundations.  However, if any of our members are interested in personally donating either time or money, please contact Christopher Heng at (530) 577-3737 or heng@caltahoefire.net

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Thank You Letter for Dress A Girl Around the World Dresses

We recently received a thank you letter from a school in Madagascar for dresses made by our club member Roxie Upton that her daughter had delivered.  The letter reads:

”It is with pleasure that we write you.  We are very thankful for the beautiful dresses that you sent to our girls.  They are very well-made and entirely in cotton, and the girls were especially pleased to find the underwear in the pockets.

The young girls are now going to start a sewing class using this model, as it is easy to sew and also very comfortable.

We thank you infinitely Tanja, along with the people who gave them to you.”

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Program Schedule for March and April

March 13               Annual Awards Presentation—Live Your Dream, G.I.V.E. and Ruby Awards, Harrah’s

March 20               Using DNA Technology to Solve Crimes Now and in the Future—Advances in Forensics, Laurie Ault, Harrah’s

March 27               Managing Menopause, Dr. Clare Rudolph, Harrah’s

April 3                     Business Meeting, Harrah’s

April 10                   Featured Member/Social:  Brooke Laine, Harrah’s

April 17                   Gift of Literacy Project: Backpack Filling, Harrah’s

April 24                   Warm Room Presentation, Cheyanne Lane, Harrah’s

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Actions Taken at the March Board Meeting

  • Passed unanimously to elect Jenn Lukins to fill the President-elect position for the remainder of the 2018-2019 year
  • Passed unanimously to pay up to $500 toward member expenses to attend the 43rd Annual Sierra Nevada Region Conference including $50 for a raffle basket at the conference from the Contingency Fund
  • Passed unanimously to pay $240 for bracelets to exchange at the SI Conference from the Contingency Fund with any excess bracelets bring returned for use by the club
  • Passed unanimously to donate $100 to the charter club SI Pinenut Valleys from the Contingency Fund
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A Message From President Pam

Spring is on the way although it may not look like it when you look out your window.  I am so excited that we elected Jenn Lukins to fill the President-elect position for the remainder of this year and she has every intention of continuing on as President next year!  I am also excited that we inducted two new members into our club at the March Business meeting.  You will find more information about our new members, Donna Sohan and Nina Brox, below.

We are gearing up for our Gift of Literacy project.  Mark your calendars to attend our meeting on Wednesday, April 17, when we will be stuffing the 280 backpacks that will be given to all the first graders in our community.  We also need your help putting books in the backpacks on Friday, April 19, at 10:00 am, in the Conference Room in the University Center on the Lake Tahoe Community College campus.  If you can help on the 19th, please email me at zippygirl1@att.net or text me at 530 545-3388.

In addition, this year’s Nominating Committee is busy seeking nominations for next year’s Board of Directors.  I encourage you to take part in this important process by completing the survey emailed to you by Brooke Laine on March 7 and resent on March 10; please respond to the March 10 survey.

I will be vacationing in Maui March 17-April 17.  While I am away President-elect Jenn will be covering for me.  Aloha!

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Commitment to life purpose

Which Dragon will you feed?

Where will you plant your seed?

Will fear be your talk?

Or Will love and kindness be your walk?

Will you allow each moment to be your own choice?

Will you allow your presence to give your heart a voice?

Lucie King March 2019

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By: Linda Mendizabal

SISLT and SITS have been participating in the Camp Fire Childrens’ Book Drive – members have generously donated children’s books to replenish the books children lost in the Paradise fire … CHERYL CHAMBERS welcomed a new grandson, Nolan James on January 22 and introduced him to us at a recent meeting (and his mom, Katie) … MARYLOU WHITCOMB had a two week vacation in Hawaii but got sick before she left and the prescription warned “no sun, no alcohol, no dairy” – did I mention she went to Hawaii? … PREZ PAM & Mike spent two weeks in Mexico with JOYCE BLACKSTONE-TURNER & RON – and highly recommends their hospitality… we enjoyed getting to know JULIE GUDAITIS who was featured in our “getting to know you” (I don’t know if this program has a name) presentation which included her announcement that she and extreme athlete Tom Ward will be marrying on Sept. 14 … PAT DISNEY has welcomed her 8th great grandchild … VICKIE GONZALES had a hysterectomy recently and her sister came to assist her while husband Rudy and sons took over the household chores … Sadly, much of our news this month isn’t happy: former member CAROL THOMSON has been living in Chico for a number of years and kept in touch with DEL LAINE – Del learned that Carol died during surgery in January … We extend our condolences to DAVEY PAIVA and Doug Phillips, their son died in December … also to JANEY ROESER – her mom died in February … and to MICKEY MADDEN her husband of 48 years, Doug, died February 1st . 

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March Birthdays

Happy Birthday March!

Annie Davidson — March 3

Cindy Archer — March 4

Linda Mitchell — March 10

Karen Kurtzman — March 16

Del Laine — March 20

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Recruitment & Retention

February 2019 brought us two great new members;  Nina Brox and Donna Sohan!  They were oriented together by myself and Aletha Nelligan.  They were inducted at the March Business Meeting.

Nina Brox

Nina’s return to Lake Tahoe brings her full circle.  She grew up in the Bay Area, spending weekends at the lake. Nina studied international political science and modern languages at Trinity College in Connecticut before completing a Masters in French literature and theory at University College London, where she met her husband, before changing course and qualifying as an attorney in England and Wales with global top-ten firm, Hogan Lovells.  Nina spent ten years working London and Paris in the corporate finance department, specializing in debt capital markets.  An exciting time overseas behind her, she now focuses on her family, while developing her law practice at Feldman Thiel LLP.  She has the California bar under her belt and is now working on the Nevada bar and expanding her expertise from corporate work to include estate planning.

She also has two elementary school age daughters.  We look forward to meeting the whole family!

Donna Sohan

Donna was born in Upland, California, but raised on the East Coast in Mystic, Connecticut.  She graduated from the University of Connecticut before heading off to Boston, Massachusetts where she worked in a variety of analytical chemistry positions.  She eventually resumed her education at Texas A&M University where she studied molecular and environmental stress plant physiology; receiving both a M.S. and Ph.D.  However, upon graduation she relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado for family reasons.  Professionally, it was a set-back as agricultural biotechnology positions were not available within commuting distance.  Applying her analytical skills, she created a new career in program development and assessment.  During this time, she also completed a M.S. degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University.   Fast-forwarding a decade (or two), this summer she accepted the Director of Institutional Effectiveness position at Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe, California.  She considers her greatest achievement to be caring for her ailing mother during the last years of her life while also being a full-time working, single parent of a young child.  Her son, Ian, is currently a freshman at the University of Virginia where he is studying Systems Engineering.

I thank both Cathy diCamillo and Roberta Mason for bringing us two such incredibly talented women!

Mary Lou Whitcomb

Recruitment and Retention

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Partners Against Trafficking Committee

In response to a request for information on how to report a questionable trafficking situation, PATH would suggest: Call 911 or for the National Trafficking Hotline: call 1-888-373-7888 or text HELP or INFO to BeFree (233733).

Cindy Archer

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Wine Tour and Echo Lake Hike and Picnic Dates

So far I have our tour dates as follows;

Wine Tour 

  • #1- May 17th Colleen is the leader
  • #2  Oct 18th Deb is the leader

Echo Lake Hike and Picnic

  • #1-July 23rd Colleen is the tour guide
  • #2- July 21st or July 28th TB confirmed Deb’s leader

If needed we will have an overflow or third tour to accommodate but so far all but one or two can make it.. fingers crossed .. 

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