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Meeting Information

Soroptimist Calendar »

  • Wednesday Afternoon Meetings — We meet for lunch approximately 49 weeks a year each Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. (12:00-1:30 for business meetings) at Harrah’s Tahoe. The meeting location is subject to change. Watch for email notification of changes. We do not meet (“dark”) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or during Christmas and New Year’s weeks. The business meeting is held on the first Wednesday of the month. All other meetings feature programs. Each member is asked to rsvp to lunch invite that is sent out before each meeting.
  • Board Meetings — Board meetings are usually held on the Monday preceding the first Wednesday of the month. Location varies. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Members may not vote at a board meeting, but they can participate in discussions. All club petitions, surveys and sign-up sheets must be presented to and approved by the board before they are circulated at a regular meeting. Check with committee chairs or the president concerning questions about board procedures.
  • Business Meetings — Business meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month. All members are expected to attend this important meeting. This is where the business of the club is conducted and the decisions are made affecting all members. These meetings usually last from 12:00 to 1:30p.m.
  • Committee Meetings — Members of committees set their meeting times according to their convenience and the responsibilities and assignment deadlines of the respective committee. Committees typically meet once a month, although some meet more often or less often, as their particular responsibilities dictate.
  • Neighboring Clubs — Information on neighboring clubs is available on the Sierra Nevada Region’s website. The other local club is Soroptimist International of Tahoe Sierra (SITS), which meets at 7:30 a.m. each Thursday at the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center. Our members frequently attend those meetings.

Meeting Specifics

  • Soroptimist Pin and Name Tag — You are encouraged to wear your Soroptimist pin and name tag at all meetings.  We wear the pin on the left, over the heart (not on the collar). Many members also wear their pins regularly as a part of their business dress. (You’d be surprised how many Soroptimists you meet when traveling!) The name tag is worn on the right, opposite the pin. You will receive your pin at your induction and your name tag will be ordered at that time. Your new member fee will cover the cost.
  • Soroptimist Introductions — When asked to introduce yourself in the Soroptimist manner, you are encouraged to use the standard form for identifying members and their businesses:  State your name and your position or the name of your business.  (Example:  President Cheryl, this is Susie Jones, the personnel manager with XYZ Company, or this is Susie Jones representing my company, XYZ Enterprises.)
  • Announcements — Announcements are limited to information about upcoming committee meetings and other club-related activities.   SUPPORT PLUS announcements give members the opportunity to share information about other members who are ill, in the hospital, or who have lost a loved one.  The club sends cards or flowers.
  • Guests — Members are encouraged to bring guests to any meeting. Please be sure to RSVP for your guest when you sign yourself up for a meeting.
Sharing Personal and Non-SISLT Information With Club Members
  • “Fines” — During our weekly meetings, members pay “fines” for the opportunity to share something special (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, child’s school achievements, new car, picture in the paper, vacations, etc.), or to make announcements about non-SISLT activities. Members are encouraged to keep fine announcements and stories brief. A typical fine amount is $1.00, although you are welcome to pay more, if you wish.
  • Networking Table — The table located outside the meeting door is for business advertisements, pledge sheets for non-Soroptimist fund-raising events, or other non-Soroptimist business information. Sponsor sheets or follow-up information may also be placed on the networking table.
  • Newsletter — Members may submit articles to the newsletter advertising the fundraising events of a non-Soroptimist organization.
  • Sharing Membership Information With Non-SISLT Individuals and Solicitors — If a non-Soroptimist asks you for personal information about a SISLT member listed in the roster, newsletter, or other club informational materials, please contact the member for permission to release the information, or better yet, have the member contact the requester herself.  We do not accommodate in any way individuals who request entire rosters, phone lists, or e-mail and fax numbers for the purpose of general solicitation.  Such requests should be denied outright.