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Membership Dues

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Anything worth having comes with a price tag. Being a Soroptimist is no different, and the biggest part of that price tag is your time. Repeatedly you will hear, “The price of membership is attendance.”  Attendance is expected but not mandatory at our weekly luncheons (Wednesday at noon). Plus you may be asked to support social and fund raising activities, or community meetings where you will be representing our club. How much time you devote is really up to you, but if you are going to reap the benefits that you read about, then you should be ready to become very involved in your club’s activities.

In addition to attendance at meetings, you will be asked to serve on one or more committees. Service on these committees may include additional luncheons or evening meetings. Don’t worry, extra meetings are voluntary and can be as frequent or infrequent as you like. But so there are no surprises, it is important for you to have all the information necessary to make the right decision about joining our club.  Other meetings from which many Soroptimists derive rewarding benefits and friendships are the district, regional and federation meetings.  Without attending some of these meetings, you will not meet all those other women with whom you are going to exchange ideas and with whom you are going to form life long friendships. Again, the degree of your involvement is up to you.

Now we come to the bottom line: money. Some annual regional and federation dues are mandatory. The club year runs from July 1 through June 30. All dues must be received no later than June 1.  SISLT bills members for annual dues of $175 per year. This amount includes local, regional and federation dues. A one-time new member fee of $40.00 covers the cost of the membership pin and other orientation materials supplied by the club. In addition, you are expected to financially support the wine-tasting fundraiser by committing to selling a minimum of 5 event tickets .

Tips that will make assimilation into the club easier

  2. At the meetings, arrive early and select a seat near someone you don’t know. Long-term members have a responsibility to help you to feel welcome. Just make yourself available and allow them to fulfill their obligations. By arriving a few minutes early, you will have the opportunity to visit with new friends. (Remember, sometimes longer-term members are just a tad shy, too. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself first.) Make it a point to meet someone new each week.
  3. Volunteer at the first opportunity. It is a great way to meet members and get to know them. It will also insure that long-term members remember your name. After all, you are not really a Soroptimist unless you are in there doing something!
  4. Wear your name tag and pin. While you are waiting for your name tag to arrive, the R & R Committee will supply you with a temporary name tag.
  5. Stand and give your name any time you speak to the group. It is of no value to hear a name if there is no face to attach to it.
  6. Be dependable. Do not sign-up, volunteer, or otherwise commit yourself without following through. This means:  Arrive on time; be prepared for what you are supposed to do; if an emergency arises, give the person in charge as much notice as possible, so that she will have enough time to replace you. Better yet, find your own replacement, if something unforeseen prevents your participation. Remember, you unnecessarily inconvenience other people when you fail to follow through.
  7. Take a deep breath, open your wallet, and pay a fine occasionally. The club loves to share those special Kodak moments with you.


More details will be provided to you at your orientation.