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  1. Log in
  2. Under “Events” — select “All Events

To add a new event:

  1. Click “Add New” button up top
  2. Enter the information under “Event Details
    1. Event Date and Time — make your selections
    2. Event Location Details — add venue name and address. You can chose to show the location on the map.
    3. Event cost and Tickets — don’t change this as we currently don’t sell tickets via the website.
    4. Organizer Contact Info — enter contact info for the person organizing this (leave blank if needed)
  3. In the content area, enter your specific event description. You can place images and text here as well as links to other pages if needed.
  4. Under “Categories” in the right sidebar, select which category this event is to be sorted. You can add a new category if there none of the existing applies. Do this sparingly please.
  5. Click “Publish” if you want this added to the calendar right away.
  6. If you want this added to the calendar at a later date, use the settings in the “Publish” tab in the right sidebar. You can pick a future date. Your “Publish” button will then change to “Schedule” instead.
  7. Done

Duplicate event

Another way to add a new event is to base it on an existing event if most of the details are the same, for instance, Member Luncheon with highlighted member.

  1. Find an event that’s similar to the new event you want to create
  2. Hover over Event name and click “Clone to Draft”
  3. This opens a copy of the event and you can edit the date, time and information to fit your upcoming event.
  4. Last step, when you rename your event you also need to rename the “Permalink” for the page so it has the new name in the file name. Just click “Edit” by Permalink, remove the old page name and click “OK” — this will input your new page name automatically.
  5. Click “Publish”
  6. Done.

To edit an existing event:

  1. Under “All Events” find the event you want to edit.
  2. Hover over the event’s name and click “Edit
  3. Edit info
  4. Click “Update”
  5. Done