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You are about to add a newsletter link to the page we send members to every month where all newsletter links are collected.

  1. Go to “Pages —> All Pages”
  2. Open “Member Newsletters” page  (**may have to click 3 bar menu to open content)
  3. Put the cursor first on the page and hit “enter” once to move the previous month’s newsletter link down one step.
  4. Type in your current Newsletter Month Year Newsletter and add the little double arrows (Mac = Alt (Option) + Shift + \ key)
  5. Highlight the line and click the “Link” symbol.
  6. Click the “Link Options” icon
  7. In the bottom area, find your Newsletter page you just created and select it.
  8. Click “Add Link
  9. You have now linked your text to the new page.
    You can confirm the link by hovering over the text and it should show your link like this:
  10. Click “Save and Exit” to close this text window.
  11. Click “Update” page.
  12. View your page to make sure all is good. Click your link and make sure it goes to the latest newsletter.

Not quite done yet! Now you need to update the “Newsletter Email” and send to all members. The link is already in there to the Member Newsletters page (send the prepared newsletter SISLT Newsletter)!