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PO Box 6104 - Stateline NV 89449 -

Wine Committee would like to thank membership for their continued team effort to make the 49th Annual a successful fundraiser. It’s countdown time to our event now and we need your continued help and support. 

1. It’s easier to sell your tickets if it is early bird pricing. Reach out to friends, neighbors and business associates of those who you work with and those who you do business with to distribute posters (put your name and phone number on the poster to sell more tickets in those places where people know you) and tickets.

NEWSFLASH!!!! HARRAH’S IS NOT CHARGING OUR GUESTS FOR SELF-PARKING . Instruct our guests that when they give us their tickets we will hand them a parking sticker for their self parking ticket. This does not apply to valet parking. 

Don’t forget to share the great Facebook posts that Natasha is doing for us. If you share on your own page friends may re-post and you are able to help us sell more tickets. The more people that attend the event the more funds we can raise at our silent auction, cork raffle and large raffle prize tickets. All money for any $65 tickets sold on early bird pricing has to be turned into Cathleen Donovan no later than September 25. If you turn in ticket money after that date then you will need to turn in $75 per ticket.  If you sell 10 tickets then you get a free ticket for a guest.

2. Donate to our silent auction/cork raffle at least 3 items or sign up for obtaining 3 items from businesses around town. There is a pass around list at the meeting to help you with ideas of who to contact. We would ask that if somebody has already signed up for a business not to contact them so we don’t overwhelm our business contributors. Contact Colleen Manzer at as to what you are able to obtain for our fundraiser if you have missed the sign up sheet.  VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTACT LEE MOISIO, JULIE GUDAITIS OR COLLEEN MANZER WHEN YOU OBTAIN AN ITEM SO WE CAN GATHER IT FROM YOU (OR BUSINESS) AND ADD IT TO OUR WEBSITE OF DONORS. 

3. Sponsor a wine for our wine refrigerator. Pat Disney has the sign up sheet or call/email her if you would like to help us with this. 

4. Wine committee is continuously adding wineries, breweries, restaurants to our website to keep the public updated. Silent auction and cork raffle items also have their own page and we will be updating that page continuously as contributors donate.

5. Sign up for jobs. If you haven’t seen the sign up list sent out by Ginger Mitchell please email her at Every member needs to work at the event. If we all share in the work then it is not too much for a few. 

6. If you can’t find your SISLT name badge, order a new one now. All members need to have a name badge at the event so our guests know to ask you for help if needed and to help other members know who you are

Thank you,
Colleen Manzer
2019 Wine Committee Chair