2019 Wineries and Breweries


  1. Maestroserio Winery
  2. Crystal Basin Cellars
  3. Lava Cap Winery
  4. LaRocca Vineyards
  5. Boeger Winery
  6. Madrona Vineyards
  7. Findleton Estate Winery
  8. Miraflores Winery
  9. Irish Vineyards
  10. E16 Winery
  11. Karmere Vineyards and Winery
  12. Michael David Winery
  13. Bella Grace Vineyards
  14. Balletto Vineyards
  15. 1850 Wine Cellars
  16. Diane Guth from Breakthru Beverage Nevada pouring Rombauer and more – to be published soon.
  17. Jennifer Plevel with Wine Warehouse pouring four different wineries – to be published soon

More wineries will be added – stay posted on our changes.


  1. Lake Tahoe Aleworkx
  2. Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company
  3. Sudwerk Brewing Company
  4. Tahoe Blue Vodka

Look for more breweries as they are added!


Thank you to all the wineries and breweries for providing samples at our event!
Come and vote for your favorite one!