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PO Box 6104 - Stateline NV 89449 -

PO Box 6104, Stateline, NV 89449

SISLT ORIENTATION GUIDE (Click here to download a .pdf)


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON MEETINGS: Members meet for lunch approximately 48 weeks a year each
Wednesday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. (12:00-1:30 for business meetings). Meeting locations are subject to
change. Watch for e-mail notification for weekly registration, and registration invitation on our webpage
for program topics and location. We do not meet (“dark”) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, during
Christmas and New Year’s as well as the July 4 th week typically. The business meeting is held on the first
Wednesday of the month. All other meetings feature programs.

BOARD MEETINGS: Board meetings are usually held on the Monday preceding the first Wednesday of
the month. Location varies. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Members may not
vote at a board meeting, but they can participate in discussions. All club petitions, surveys and sign-up
sheets must be presented to and approved by the board before they are circulated at a regular meeting
or online. Check with committee chairs or the president concerning questions about board procedures.
BUSINESS MEETINGS: Business meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month. All
members are expected to attend this important meeting. This is where the business of the club is
conducted, and the decisions are made affecting all members. These meetings usually last from 12:00
to 1:30 p.m.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Members of committees set their meeting times according to their
convenience and the responsibilities and assignment deadlines of the respective committee.
Committees typically meet once a month, although some meet more often or less often, as their
responsibilities dictate.

NEIGHBORING CLUBS: Information on neighboring clubs is available on the Sierra Nevada Region’s
website ( The other local club is Soroptimist International of Tahoe
Sierra (SITS), which meets at 7:30 a.m. each Thursday. Our members are welcome to attend those


Members are encouraged to wear the Soroptimist pin and name tag at all meetings. Members wear the
pin on the left, over the heart (not on the collar). Many members also wear their pins regularly as a part
of their business dress. (You'd be surprised how many Soroptimists a member can meet when traveling!)
The name tag is worn on the right, opposite the pin. Members will receive the pin and name tag at the
induction to the club. New member fee will cover the cost.


When asked to introduce yourself in the Soroptimist manner, a member is encouraged to use the
standard form for identifying members and their businesses: State member name and position or the
name of the business. (Example: President Diane, this is Susie Jones, the personnel manager with XYZ
Company, or this is Susie Jones representing my company, XYZ Enterprises.)


Announcements are limited to information about upcoming committee meetings and other club-related
activities. Solicitation of Foundation funds during a Soroptimist meeting is not permitted without board
review and approval and club approval. Business promotion during meetings is also discouraged. For
opportunities to promote businesses, see NETWORKING TABLE and BUSINESS PROMOTION below.

SUPPORT PLUS announcements give members the opportunity to share information about other
members who are ill, in the hospital, have lost a loved one, or have experienced some other sad or
stressful event. The club sends cards and/or flowers. If you are not sure when you may make an
announcement or where an item belongs in the proceedings of the club, ask the President or President-


FINES: Members pay fines for the opportunity to share something special (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries,
child’s school achievements, new car, picture in the paper, vacations, etc.), or to make announcements
about non-SISLT activities (e.g., “I am selling tickets for XYZ event. If you are interested, please see me
at the Networking Table outside after the meeting.”) Members are encouraged to keep fine
announcements and stories brief. Information about fundraisers should be limited to the purpose, date,
time, location, price and where tickets may be purchased. A typical fine amount is $1.00, although
members are welcome to pay more if the member wishes.

NETWORKING TABLE: The table, located inside and at back of the room at this time is for business
advertisements, information about political events, pledge sheets, and for ticket sales and other
information related to non-Soroptimist fundraising events or to other non- Soroptimist business
information. Sponsor sheets or follow-up information may also be placed on the networking table.
Women’s issues announcements or information as well as information regarding marches, or events can
also be found on the networking table. Local Women’s Health events can be found here.

NEWSLETTER: Members may also submit articles to the newsletter advertising the fundraising events of
a non-Soroptimist organization.


If a non-Soroptimist asks a member for personal information about a SISLT member listed in the roster,
newsletter, or other club informational materials, please contact the member for permission to release
the information, or better yet, have the member herself contact the requester. We do not
accommodate individuals who request entire rosters, phone lists, or e- mail and fax numbers for the
purpose of general solicitation. Such requests should be denied outright.


The pledge, found on the back of the Mission Statement card, should be committed to memory, as we
close most meetings with it. The pledge is also printed on page 7 of this guide.


Members are encouraged to bring guests and/or prospective members to any meeting. When bringing
a guest(s), members should always RSVP by Monday at noon deadline before the meeting.


Any vegetarian requests for lunches must be done during the RSVP process. Lunch can be purchased by
cash, check or punch card and the cost is $15. Each punch card is $105 and it is good for 7 lunches.
Purchase of a lunch card is not required. It is available for your convenience.


REGION: A member can access information about the Sierra Nevada Region, to which SISLT belongs, at We encourage you to visit this site often to learn about regional
projects and opportunities to visit with Soroptimists at district meetings and regional conferences.
FEDERATION: The Soroptimist of the Americas is a quarterly newsletter published by the federation. It
is emailed to members. A member may also learn about Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA)
activities by perusing the federation’s website at http://
INTERNATIONAL: The International Soroptimist is published quarterly by Soroptimist International
headquarters in Cambridge, England. Other information about Soroptimist International is available
online at


Members are expected to attend weekly luncheon meetings regularly. They are required to attend the
meetings of their assigned committee and to actively participate on that committee throughout the
Soroptimist fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Committee chairs keep attendance records for their
respective committees and submit them to the board twice a year. Members can alternate from year to
year between technical and service program committees to gain more experience in the club. It is your
responsibility to notify the committee coordinator if you cannot attend a meeting. Often, a member
who agrees to be a co-chair does so with the commitment to become the chair of that committee the
following year – i.e., a chair in training, however all committee chairs are appointed by the incoming
President. Everyone is required to participate in our major fund-raising events. Each member is
encouraged to participate in the presentation of A Fighting Chance in our local schools. Each member
must commit time to help make these events a success.


Committees are of vital importance to the club. It is through committees that the activities of our
organization are accomplished. Committees promote the official Soroptimist programs, and they
undertake the various technical aspects of efficient club operations. Each committee is appointed to
perform certain functions. All club members should be active members of technical as well as service
committees, so that the expertise of members is divided between the needs of the organization and the
needs of the community. Our federation (SIA) committee structure suggests, but does not prescribe, our
local committees.

In general, the responsibility of technical committees is to administer the operations of the club.

● ATTENDANCE: Responsible for taking attendance at the weekly club meetings, collecting
quarterly meeting fees for each member, and acting as host and greeters for all visitors. This
committee also processes make-up forms for appropriate Soroptimist activities for those
wishing to establish perfect attendance, and for all Soroptimists visiting from other clubs.

● COMMUNICATIONS: Responsible for planning and implementing the club’s communications,
public relations, and information programs. The committee is comprised of the following
o Publicity and Public Relations: Responsible for promoting and developing public
relations for the club in the community and for obtaining publicity for all club activities
and events.
o Website: Designs the website and manages the information posted to the site.

● ROSTER: Prepares the club roster and updates as needed.

● FINANCE: Responsible for preparing the annual club budget recommendations.

● RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: Reviews prospective member applications for eligibility and
formulates recommendations to the Board; sponsors activities to recruit new members and
promote retention of current members; responsible for educating members about the heritage,
purpose, objectives, policies and programs of Soroptimist and for preparing club members for
leadership within Soroptimist and on their own committees. The SUPPORT PLUS responsibility
also belongs to this committee.

● LAWS AND RESOLUTIONS: Responsible for reviewing club procedures and by- laws, proposing
amendments and resolutions regarding the procedures and presenting them to the Board and
the membership. May also become involved, as appropriate, in activities concerning Regional or
Federation procedures and by-laws.

● PARLIAMENTARIAN: Appointed by the president to advise on parliamentary law.

● PROGRAMS/FACILITIES: Coordinates the weekly programs and arranges for appropriate
facilities and other support for each program. Although Programs committee sets up
venues the President is the appropriate signer of any and all contracts for venue or
facility use.


These committees, sometimes called program committees, accomplish the organization’s service to the
community in specific program areas.

● CULTURAL ARTS: Expands and encourages the arts and cultural enjoyment for our members
(both morning and noon clubs) and family/friends; hosts club meetings annually that focus on
local cultural themes, such as music and artists; arranges cultural tours; and coordinates cultural
event trips (plays, museums).

● EDUCATION AND YOUTH: This committee’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate the SISLT
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM and YOUTH AWARDS. Academic and vocational scholarships are
awarded to graduating seniors from South Tahoe and Whittell High Schools; to LTCC graduates
transferring to a four- year college; and to students re-entering college and the workplace. In
addition to academic scholarships, the committee presents or publicizes the following
recognition awards to students at local schools:
o YOUNG WOMEN OF DISTINCTION – Students from South Tahoe and Whittell High
Schools are nominated by their teachers and counselors for this outstanding academic
and extra-curricular achievement award. Recipients and their families are honored at
lunch meetings. The frequency of the awards is determined each year by the chairs of
this committee in accordance with the availability of club members to coordinate these
special programs. Currently, the awards are being made once to twice each year.

● ENVIRONMENT: Fosters increased awareness within the club and in the community about
environmental issues. Typical projects include community beautification, and maintenance and
clean-up of public areas and natural waterways. In addition, this committee suggests programs
on the environment to the club.

federation and international levels (e.g., educational and vocational assistance to developing
countries, disaster relief, land mine removal programs); maintains contacts with “friendship
link” Soroptimist clubs in foreign countries; promotes within SISLT the Soroptimist International
president’s annual December appeal for contributions to a special international issue of her
choosing; identifies and develops other programs to promote IGU.

o LIVE YOUR DREAM AWARDS: Eligible Live Your Dream applicants must be women with
primary financial responsibility for themselves and their dependents, attending an
undergraduate degree program or vocational skills training program and demonstrate
financial need. The award is $2000.
o RUBY AWARD: FOR WOMEN HELPING WOMEN: Recognizes women who have
distinguished themselves in their chosen field. A $150 honorarium is given to the
recipient’s chosen charity or non-profit organization and $150 to awardee.


● A FIGHTING CHANCE: A special, anti-abduction project created by the club to empower
children in grades 4-6 and more recently possibly 4-7 with the knowledge and tools to help
themselves in dangerous situations. This program is currently being redesigned and updated.

● WINE-TASTING: Coordinates the annual wine-tasting fund-raiser which enjoys a reputation as a
BEST OF TAHOE event. Every member is required to assist the committee with time and effort
in some way. Every member must sell the required number of event tickets.

● HOLIDAY AUCTION: Last meeting in December. Great opportunity for Holiday gifts. Bring your

● MAJOR PROJECT: Soroptimist Stadium, Home of Girls Softball

● ALLOCATIONS COMMITTEE: This committee is charged with the task of overseeing the
disbursement of monies made available to the community from our fundraising. Advertising
that grants are available, collecting grant applications, reviewing the applications and with the
help of the membership, deciding on the winners of the grants and awarding the grants at a
luncheon, usually held in spring.

● WOMEN’S HEALTH: Promotes women’s health

● HUMAN RIGHTS/STATUS OF WOMEN: Promotes women’s rights locally and globally.


The club furthers its philanthropic goals through the structure of a foundation. The Internal Revenue
Service has designated the club a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation to facilitate our ability to accept tax-
deductible gifts and bequests. Funds are disbursed once a year through the allocation process
described above. The grants advance the quality of life for women and youth. SISLT helps facilitate S
Club at STHS with Youth and Education.


Attendance at weekly luncheon meetings, attendance at club committee, social and fund-raising
activities, and maybe even attendance at community meetings where members will be representing the
club is encouraged. In addition to attendance at meetings, a member serves on one or more
committees. Service on these committees may include additional luncheon or evening meetings
depending on when the committee chooses to meet. Other meetings from which many Soroptimists
derive rewarding benefits and friendships are the district, regional and federation meetings. By
attending some of these meetings members will meet other women within the larger organization
where an exchange of ideas and opportunities for connections and possible friendships may occur. The
degree of member involvement is up to you.

Financial Commitment: Some annual regional and federation dues are mandatory. The club year runs
from July 1 through June 30. All dues must be received no later than June 30. SISLT bills members for
annual dues of $175.00 per year. This amount includes local, regional and federation dues. A one-time
new member fee of $40.00 covers the cost of the membership pin, SIA new member fee and other
orientation materials supplied by the club. The cost of our meetings is $105 for a punch card that is
good for 7 meetings, or $15 per lunch if a member does not wish to purchase a punch card. Members
are welcome to bring your own lunch to most meetings. There may be an occasional meeting where the
lunch charge isn’t optional but those will be announced in advance.


1. At the meetings, arrive early. By arriving a few minutes early, a member will have the
opportunity to visit with new friends. Remember, sometimes longer-term members are just a
tad shy so do not hesitate to introduce yourself first. Make it a point to meet someone new
each week.
2. Volunteer at the first opportunity. It is a great way to meet members and get to know them. It
will also ensure that long-term members remember your name. Join in and help wherever and
whenever you can. We appreciate it and our community appreciates your help as well.
3. Wear member nametag and pin.
4. Stand and give your name anytime you speak to the group. We want to know who you are.
5. Be dependable. Do not sign-up, volunteer, or otherwise commit yourself without following
through. This means: Arrive on time; be prepared for what you are supposed to do; if an
emergency arises, give the person in charge as much notice as possible, so that she will have
enough time to replace you. Better yet, find your own replacement, if something unforeseen
prevents your participation. Remember, a member unnecessarily inconveniences other people
when a member fails to follow through.
6. Pay a fine occasionally! The club loves to share those special moments with members.


I pledge allegiance to Soroptimism and to the ideals for which it stands; The sincerity of friendship,

The joy of achievement, The dignity of service,
The integrity of profession, The love of country.
I will put forth my greatest effort
To promote, uphold and defend these ideals

For a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business, For country and for God.


To maintain high ethical standards in business, In professions and in other aspects of life.
To strive for human rights for all people and, in particular, to advance the status of women.
To develop a spirit of friendship and unity among Soroptimists of all countries.
To quicken the spirit of service and human understanding.

To contribute to international understanding and universal friendship.